Let Me Take You To Another World

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3. chapter 3


*A week later*


Louis's P.O.V.


The car drove me and Niall around the block. I had the piece of paper in my hand with the address on it. Niall looked at me. "Why do you want this so badly?" he asked me. "Same reason you want. To be with them." The car stopped. "Were here." Said a woman named Makenna. Management hired her and four other people for something me and Niall wanted. The door slid open and the four women stepped out. They pulled down their ski masks and walked to the back of the yard. "I hope this works." I said, as I stepped out of the van, and Niall behind me. We both put our ski masks on and followed the women. I swallowed hard and ran after them. 


Selena's P.O.V.


Emily and I took the day off from work to lounge around the pool, we were floating on rafts and tanning. I looked at her and smiled. 'I love summer." She nodded. After a while we got out of the pool and began to walk into my house. As we were walking up the steps, two women grabbed me. They but a brown sack over my head and slid it down to my feet. I think they did the same to Emily because I heard her shriek. Someone grabbed my arms and another person grabbed my legs. I tried to kick but their grip just got harder. "Let us go!" I screamed.  After a while they threw us into a car. They took the bags off of us, but put blindfolds around our eyes. They closed the van door and locked it. Our hands and legs could move free, but we were trapped. Someone was sitting next to me. I felt around, and touched someone's leg. "Emily? Is that your leg I'm touching?" I asked. "No. I'm not even close to you." She responded. I tensed up. I felt further up the person's chest, then to their face. I moved up a little more and felt the hair. It was a guy's hair. "Who are you and why did you take us?" I asked, puzzled at why someone would kidnap up, in our bathing suits, in the middle of nowhere. "I wouldn't call it, kidnapping." The man said. "Its more of... Taking you with us." Another man said. When I heard those two voices.. they weren't just random people's voices. I knew the voices, but I couldn't believe it. Next thing I know, my blindfold slid up and I found out who the man was. It was Louis Tomlinson. My yes got wide and I just stared at him. "Remember me?" He said, with a smirk on his face.


Emily's P.O.V.


I didn't try to talk. I was listening to Selena' conversation, and I knew the voices. I knew she would to. Anyone would know the voices. My blindfold slid up, and there the other ma n was. Niall Horan. I was sitting, in a van, with Niall.Freaking.Horan. Inside, I was major fangirling, but I acted cool on the outside. "Hey babe." Niall said, and smiled at me. He was sitting in front of me, so I just stared at him. i looked over at Selena, and she looked at me. We stared a each other for a few minutes, then looked back at the boys. "Why, exactly, did you take us?" I asked Niall. "Well. We knew your parent's probably wouldn't approve of boy's coming to your door, so we decided you should come to ours." She smiled at me, like this wasn't weird, like it was something he did everyday. "So." Selena said. "Where exactly are we going?" She asked Louis. "Well... We are only in Wisconsin for two more days, so we are taking you back to London." Me and Selena, stared at Louis, shocked, and appalled. 

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