Let Me Take You To Another World

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27. chapter 27


Louis's P.O.V.


We drove for about 15 minutes until we arrived at the mall. Somehow, some crazy fans spotted our vehicle a few miles back and followed us, begging for autographs and pictures. Reluctantly, we did. Niall somehow made the girls believe that he needed to go to the bathroom, so he left and went into the mall. I frowned at him as he walked in, chuckling. "Excuse me ladies. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to cut this short. I'm here buying something for my GIRLFRIEND." I may have put a little to much emphasis on girlfriend, because they all frowned and walked away. I turned around and smirked, walking into the building. Niall was standing, leaving against the entrance. "I hate you." I said jokingly. He pushed my shoulder as we began walking into the shop. We looked around, the notepad in my hand. I turned to Niall. "I'm blaming you if I mess up." He chuckled. we walked to separate parts of the little store. "Louis!" Niall said. "Come here." He added, waving me over. "There. Look." He said, pointing to the item under the glass case. I looked at the case, then to the drawing. "Perfection." I said. I got the salespersons attention and asked him to ring the purchase up. I turned towards the door and began walking. "Hold up." Niall said. I walked back. "Whats up?" I asked. "Emily deserves one too." He said. It was probably 20 minutes before he called me over to the counter. "This is the one." The salesperson rung this one up too and we walked out happily. "Lets just hope they like them." Niall said.


Selena's P.O.V.


When Louis and Niall finally got back, they entered the house."Where were you guys?" I asked, really wanting to know but not wanting to at the same time. "No where special. Just...out." Louis responded. He took his shopping bag into his room. Niall did the same, but put it in his and Emily's room. Sighing, I turned to face the TV. Hours past, and i just watched the TV everyone talked, but not me. I didn't want to talk to anymore. I was offered dinner, but I didn't take it. I decided to stay up late. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen. On the top I wrote: "Pros and Cons of leaving." I moved a few lines down. I wrote a 'Pros' column and a 'Cons' column. Under the word 'Pro' I wrote: 1) Not having to deal with drama. 2) Not getting the hate from everyone around the world for dating Louis. 3) I could get back to my school work, go to college and become the doctor I always wanted to be. 4) Come back to sunshine. After my pros were finished, I moved to the cons. Under the word con I wrote: 1) Losing Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry, and Zayn. Only Pro I could think of. It was a big pro, but not to big. I got up and tiptoed into Lou and I's room. I quietly unzipped my suitcase and started shoveling all of my clothes into it. I re-zipped it once I was done. I quietly moved into the kitchen and wrote my goodbye note.


"Dear Anyone who bothers to read this,


I took the first flight I could get back to America. I can't do this anymore. It is just all to much. Louis, I love you and I always will. I'm sorry it had to end this way. I'm going back to America to continue my education and become a doctor. Emily, We will see each other sometime again. Harry,Zayn,Liam, and Niall, Thank you for being there for me. You guys are like my brothers. I hope we can sometime see each other again. I want you to know that you all mean so much to me, but this has all gotten to me. Goodbye.


With Love,

Selena xx"


A tear dropped onto the page. That was the hardest thing I have ever done.

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