Let Me Take You To Another World

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23. chapter 23


Selena's P.O.V.


After accepting our awards and money, we came off stage with grins ear to ear. We go another round of hugs from the boys. "Well. I say this calls for a celebration. Drinks on me!" Hazza says, throwing his arms up in the air. Louis swung his arm around my shoulders. I grab his hand that was dangling from the end of my shoulder,

smiling at him. I looked over at Liam. He looked happy on the outside, but I could see that he was sad. We walked out of the arena, feeling accomplished. I had finally done something I love, for the people I love. I was ecstatic. Louis, Niall, Emily and I drove in the car me and Louis came in while Harry drove Zayn and Liam. We met at the bar "Moe's Irish Pub and Grill." We walked inside, and smoke was heavy in the air. "Classy bar choosing." I said, turning to Harry and smiling. He chuckled. "You know I'm the best." He said, half shrugging. We walked into the bar and took a seat at a table put into the middle of the room. We sat down, ordered some food and beer,but me and Emily ordered water. We began talking. Louis couldn't stop talkign about our performance. I believe "Flawless" was the word he used. I personally didn't think we were flawless, but whatever you say. When our glasses of beer and water come, Louis grabbed his glass and taps it with a spoon. "Everyone. A toast." he stands up. "To the two most beautiful girls AND the best girlfriends we could ask for." the other boys, along with me and Emily, and we all tap our glasses together in the middle of the table. When we sat back down, I decided it was time. There was only one other person in the bar, and he was getting ready to leave. I didn't care what the bartender thought, so I grabbed Emily's hand and climbed up onto the actual bar counter. "Hey guys. We have an announcement." I yelled, loudly over their chatter. They all stopped and stared at us. "Perfect." I said to myself, smiling.


Louis's P.O.V.


"Well?" I said excitedly, waiting for their news. Selena and Emily looked at each other, locked hands, and raised them in the air. "We're pregnant!" They said at the same time. I stared at Selena. "Shes pregnant." I said in my mind, letting it sink in. Everyone else, including Niall, were cheering. Niall walked over to the bar and picked Emily up by the legs and set her down. He grabbed her and spun her around, kissing her multiple times. Selena jumped down from the counter and came over to me. "Well? You can say something, you know!" She said, hugging me. I half hugged her back. I really didn't know what to think right now.I didn't think that I was ready to be a dad yet. I had no clue how to handle this situation. But, to make it look like I did, I smiled at her. "I...I'm just speechless." I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. "We are going to be parents!" She said, resting her head on my chest. The boys got up and hugged Selena and Emily one by one, saying their congratulations and what not. Our food finally came and everyone chowed down. Before the performance we didn't have time for breakfast so no one had ate yet. Everyone was talking, but I was kind of zoned out. Did Niall not think this was going to affect our careers? Did he think everything was going to be the same. I honestly had no idea what to think.

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