Let Me Take You To Another World

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21. chapter 21


Selena's P.O.V.


That same day, Liam told me he was going to sign me up for the contest. "You will do fine!" He reassured me. Reluctantly, I agreed. The next day, he got in his car and drove to Manchester to sign me up. I was sitting in my room, practicing my song, softly strumming the guitar. When Liam got home, he started to teach me the lyric

s. "Why am I only learning some of it?" I asked him, confused. "Well, this is a contest where you can only sing part of a song. Its not a full song audition. Its a shorter version of the song." He responded. In that same day, I learned my whole part. Once we were done rehearsing, I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Emily walked in the room, but quickly walked out because she saw me. I sighed. I hated not talking to her. She is..well...was my best friend.


*Two Days later, Day of the Competition*


Emily's P.O.V.


Niall and I got into the car. I had my Pink ruffle tank top with black skinnies on, along with a pair of black high tops. I was taping my foot. "Niall...Are you sure I can do this?" I asked, now starting to regret agreeing to this. He stopped the car. "are you seriously asking me this?" He asked seriously. "Yes. I'm not so sure anymore." I respond. He starts driving again. "Emily. Your going to do fine. You shouldn't worry so much." He took one hand and put it on my knee. "Just remember when your on the stage, I love you." At a stop sign, he leaned over and kissed me. I smiled. "I love you too." After a few moments, we pulled into the Manchester Arena's parking lot. I stepped out of the car, confident as ever.


Selena's P.O.V.


Liam and I left a little late for the competition because I woke up late. I had on my purple ruffle tops with black skinnies and red high tops.

((Yes. They are supposed to look somewhat the same.))

On our way there, I was humming my part, making sure i had all the lyrics down. "Selena. Your going to do fine. I know you will. Just watch Louis. Don't take your mind off of him. Focus on what you love, and nothing else. Your a great singer, and your going to do fine." He smiled at me. I gave a weak smile back. We pulled into the parking lot only a short 15 minutes before I was going to preform. I grabbed my guitar out of the back of the car and ran into the Arena with Liam. I was suited with a face microphone and a purple guitar strap. It was three minutes until I was about to go on.I peeked from the back of the curtain to see all the people and the blinding lights. I turned to face Liam. "Liam..I can't do this. Its all to much. I've never EVER been the preforming type." He put his hands on my shoulders. "Your going to do fi..." i interrupted him. "LIAM. I CAN'T. Its not po.." And before I could finish my sentence, he crashed his lips into mine. I could smell his minty toothpaste and strong cologne. After a few seconds, he pulled back. "You CAN do this." He said, pushing me up the stairs. I took a deep breath. An announcer came on. "Singing a duet with her best friend Emily while singing to nothing put a guitar, please Welcome, Selena Hopewell and Emily Walter!" Before I could protest, I was pushed out onto the stage. I looked to my left to see Emily standing next to me. Then i finally realized, They set me up.

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