Let Me Take You To Another World

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19. chapter 19


Selena's P.O.V.


I wiped my eyes one last time and got up from the cold cafeteria table. My best friend now hates me and I love two of my best guy friends. This is exactly the way I want to spend

my awesome time in London. I walked back to the elevator to the fourth floor, the floor Liam and everyone else was on. I sat on Louis lap and rested my head on his chest. He pecked my head and whispered in my ear. "Your eyes are puffy. Whats wrong." I shook my head to tell him I didn't want to talk. He rubbed my back. We stayed like that for a while until the same doctor came back out. I sat up straight and watched him intently. "He is going to be okay." I smiled and sighed a sigh of relief. "He was going to be okay." I said to myself, sort of confirming it. "He is going to need a few weeks to recover though. In about two weeks, the hospital will bring him back. We have a special way to transport him so the stitches in his back won't rip." He went up to Louis and I. "He is very lucky to be alive. If you two were a minute later, he may not have made it." He said sternly. "Lets just be thankful we did make it." Louis said, shooting the doctor a glare. As if he was startled by Louis's remark, he quickly walked away through a set of swinging doors. I smiled to myself, knowing things were going to get better.


*Two weeks later, Liam's Homecoming.*


Liam's P.O.V.


I was strapped to a table and loaded into the ambulance. After a short 15 minutes ride, I felt it stop. We most likely pulled into the driveway of the flat. I heard a door shut and the door in front of me opened. "You ready to go in Liam?" The ambulance driver asked me. "More than anything." I said excitedly. They carefully unstrapped me from the table and slowly helped me sit up. I took my first steps. I felt a little wobbly, only because I hadn't walked in weeks. With every step, I felt my back ache. Finally, we got to the doorstep. "Thank you Mandy." I said, giving the driver a hug. "Anytime champ." She said smiling. She began to walk back to the ambulance. I waved one last time and step in to the house. I quietly shut the door and hung my coat up. I didn't know if everyone was awake yet, so I tried to be as quiet as possible. Then i heard it. Someone, someone was singing and playing guitar. I walked into the kitchen, but no one was there. All the doors were open, so I guess it was a process of elimination. I first check Niall's, then Zayn's, after that Harry's, and finally Louis. There was Selena, sitting in the beanbag chair facing the window strumming and singing our song Moments. When she finished, I just looked at her. "Beautiful." I said out loud. Startled, she turned around and looked at me. "Liam! Your home!" She hurriedly got up and rushed over to me. She carefully hugged me, being careful of my stitches. "I'm so glad your home." She said to me after we finished hugging. We sat down on Louis's bed. "Can i just say that your voice is beautiful. I've never heard anything like it." I said, smiling. She began to blush. "I'm not that good, Liam." She said doubtfully. "Trust me Hun, you are." I gave her a peck on the cheek. "Come on, lets find something to eat, I'm starving." I said, slowly getting up and walking out the door.

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