Let Me Take You To Another World

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17. chapter 17


Liam's P.O.V.


Selena and Louis soon came back to the table. "Everything okay?" I asked them. They looked at me seriously. "Everything is fine." Selena said, sounding way more serious than usual. "Alrighty then." The night went on like any night at a restaurant would. We ordered, ate, got dessert, and got up to leave. "Me and Melissa are going t

o take a walk on the beach, okay?" I said to everyone. Selena and Louis looked at each other. "Okay..." Louis said reluctantly. "Don't come back to late Liam." Zayn said, winking at me. Louis glared at him. "Joking, Jeez." Me and Melissa walked out of the restaurant and across the road to the beach. Everyone else got into the cars we brought and left. Tonight, was going to be prefect.


Melissa's a.k.a Hannah's P.O.V.


Me and Liam walked across the road to the beach. He was holding my hand, and I reluctantly held it back. I was only doing this to make sure the message was clear to Selena. You steal my boyfriend, the people you love will get hurt too. we went to the sandy part of the beach and sat down. "Isn't it beautiful?" He asked me. "Yeah." I said in a girly, not real voice. He put his arm around me. "Tonight was perfect. I wouldn't change a thing." He smiled at me. I smiled a fake smile back. "Yeah. Me either. Excuse me, I'll be right back." I got up and went into the building set aside for bathrooms. After a suitable amount of time, I came back out with a tree log I found. "Hey ba...." He said, before I hit him over the head. He laid there, unconscious. I made sure he was still breathing. I rolled him on his back and took out my pocket knife.


*The next day*


Louis's P.O.V.


I woke up that morning exhausted. I carefully got out of bed, trying not to wake Selena. First thing I did was went and checked if Liam was here. I opened the door to his room and saw the bed still made. "Oh for God's sake." I said,rushing to throw some clothes on. After I was dressed, I went back into my room and woke up Selena. 'WAKE UP. Liam's not back yet. Were going to find him." I said, shaking her. She quickly opened her eyes and sat up. "What do you mean Liam isn't here? Didn't he come back from the beach last night?" She asked, sleepily. "No. We need to go and make sure he is okay. Get dressed." After a few short moments, she walked into the kitchen and threw on a jacket. England was cold in the morning. We got into the SUV and quickly back out. We raced to the beach, hoping Liam was okay. We parked in the parking lot and raced around the beach. The last place we looked was the sand. From the distance, we saw a figure laying in the sand. "Liam!" Selena and I screamed, rushing over to the body. He was laying in the sand, with no shirt on. But, his back was all bloody. A message was carved into his back. "Told you things would get ugly." I put my hand over my mouth. Louis felt his neck, and he was still breathing. "He has lost a lot of blood." Selena said, taking her jacket and tying it around him tightly. "I want to try and stop some of the blood flow. Call an ambulance, hurry." She said, looking up at me worriedly. I took out my cell phone and dialed 9-1-1. It seemed like forever before it got here.

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