Let Me Take You To Another World

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12. chapter 12


*Two days later*


Emily's P.O.V.


The hospital suggested we keep Selena in for a few more days. They wanted to monitor her brain activity and make sure everything was okay. I left to go pick up some food for Selena. She was getting sick of the hospital food. She said she wanted cake, so I went to pick up a 'Feel Better Soon!' cake from the store. Louis told me I could take the Convertible since they were going to stay with Selena. I drove to the store and went to the back, requesting for my cake to be brought up. While they were taking it to the register, I went to look at cards.A woman walked down the isle a bit, but didn't stand to close to me. I looked up, and the face looked like Elli's. I picked a random card and began walking, but it was to late. I felt it go through my stomach, the bullet. I looked back at her before I fell to the ground, but she was already gone. It took a while to find where the shot had came from, but when they did they called 911. I looked around, and everything looked fuzzy. I couldn't see anything clearly. As they loaded me onto the stretcher, I could hear muffled voices. But the only voice that really stood out was the one that i was hearing in my head. Before I had left Niall kissed me and said "I love you, babe. Come back soon.' Well Niall, I'm not coming back anytime soon.


Niall's P.O.V.


I was beginning to walk down to the cafeteria to get some food when a ambulance team with a stretcher burst through the door. I stood aside so they could get to the ICU. As the passenger was being wheeled by, I looked at her face. "Th-that can't be Emily.." I thought. "THATS EMILY." I yelled, running up to the stretcher. "What happened?!" I said, looking around frantically. "She was shot." One of the doctors say. The other lads must have heard me yell, because they came running out of the room. "Niall whats wr-.." And Zayn cut himself off. He knew who it was. I wouldn't be by anybody Else's stretcher. They began to enter a room, and I was apparently not aloud to enter. I tried anyways, but it was no use. Everyone was holding me back, saying I need to wait. I broke free from everyone's grasp and walked around the hospital. I can't believe this is happening. First Selena, now Emily? This has to stop. I began to cry, and I could feel my face get hot. I began to walk back to the waiting room. What i heard was devastating. I heard one of the doctors yell. "Shes flat lining." Then there was a moment of silence before he shouted. "CLEAR!" Those words killed me. Knowing they might not be able to bring Emily back was the worst feeling possible. I sat in a chair with my head in my hands, bawling. I felt people pass in front of me. Harry sat on the armrest of my chair and put his hand on my shoulder. "Its going to be okay Niall." He said. I just kept crying knowing if she came out of this alive or not, its going to be bad.

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