Let Me Take You To Another World

I didnt write this ....a girl named sheena
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1. chapter 1


Hey guys! This is my fanfic! I hope you like it :) #Sheena


Selena's P.O.V.


Me and my best friend were going to a movie. It was late 2012. The 3-D One Direction Tour Movie had just come out. Emily and I were huge One Direction fans. We got in the car and then both of our phones rang. It was a text alert from a radio station we subscribed to. The message read: "Attention Directioners! Want the chance to meet One Direction with a friend of your choice? Nows your chance! Tune into the station, and in the next five minutes, I will announce the key work to text. Text it in, and you could be the winner! Good luck, and don't screw this up! Winner gets Meet and Greet Passes PLUS front row tickets!" Emily and I both screamed. "But.. The movie starts in five minutes.." Emily said. "Emily.. We've seen it 10 times already. It can wait. We turned on the radio and turned it up. A few minutes later, a few familiar voices said "Hi, We're One Direction! That right Directioners, Kraig Karson here with your chance to meet this wonderful boy band. Text in the word "Beautiful" for your chance to meet these guys! I'm looking for the 15th person to text in to win. Get texting!" We both had our phones ready. Both of us typed in the word Beautiful and sent the message. We waited intently, listening for the winner. "We have got our winner! Will Selena Clemons please call the station." I listened, not realizing it was my name. Emily hit my arm.  "Dude! You won. CALL THE DAMN RADIO STATION." I blinked and picked up my phone. I found the number in the contacts and called it. "Hello?" I said, still in shock. "Is that you Selena Clemons?" Kraig asked. "Yeah.. Its me. Are you serious? I won?" I asked. "Yes I'm serious! Please text the station your mailing address so we can send you the Meet and Greet Plus concert tickets. Have fun at the show!" He hung up and I closed my phone. Me and Emily were going to meet One Direction....


Emily's P.O.V.


"Your taking me. Correct? You take anyone else and I'll cut you. With a knife. In a dark alley. Alone." She stared at me. "Oh.. Your serious. OF course I'm taking you! Who else would I take?" She pushed me. "Wanna skip the movie?" I suggested. "We already have concert tickets AND Meet and Greet passes. who needs a movie?" I started the car and backed out. I drove Selena home. She called her mom to ask if she could spend the night over at my place. She said yeah, so we went in the house. The concert was in too days, so all we had to do was pass the time. We woke up the next morning and decided to go running. We put on track suits and went for a mile run. ((OOC: I would never run. I'm a lazy ass person :3)) We got back and I went to Selena's house. Her mom cooked us lunch. We decided to go to the park. No one was there, so we sang One Direction out loud. we both sounded like dying Walruses, but who cares. I slept over at Selena's house that night. "One more day till the tickets come and until the concert is!" Selena said. She marked off the day on her calender with an X. We went to sleep, and both had dreams about One Direction. I woke up the next morning, and Selena wasn't in her room, rather she was downstairs, screaming. I ran downstairs, only to see her with an envelope in her hand. "THEIR HERE! Early! Came Priority Mail!" She waved the tickets and jumped up and down. "Selena, calm down. Their just a band." She calmed down and looked at her mother. In a calm voice, she spoke. "Mom. This is not just a band, this is my life. You have no idea how long i have waited for this moment to finally come. The day when I get to meet One Direction. They day I get to meet and see Carrot Boy." We went back upstairs and watched TV. That was the longest day of my life...

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