Could her life be any more perfect?


7. ...

"Cassie!" Jasmine yelled, panting as she tried to keep up with me, "just listen to me!"

"What?" I snapped, spinning round to see Jess who almost fell over from the sudden halt.

"It's not Jess's fault-"

"Did I say it was Jess's fault?" I hissed, harrowing my eyebrows threateningly.

"No but-"

"Exactly." I concluded and I continued heading out of the gates.

"Cassie. Just stop and listen for once, okay?" Jess ordered, causing me to stop in surprise from her sudden change of tone. "You're my friend and I feel kind of bad saying this... but you're being cow."

"I'm acting like a cow?" I exclaimed furiously. "Am I the one snogging Joe's face off?"


"Jess's kissing my crush, not the other way round. So if any of us was a cow, it's blatantly going to be Jess isn't it?"

Jasmine hesitated, opening her mouth for a response that never left her lips. Eventually she sighed, "I know I didn't make it that obvious, but I liked him as well."

I laughed coldly, "No, it wasn't obvious at all."

She ignored me and continued, "what I'm trying to say is that Jess hasn't had a boyfriend for a really long time, and you've had like, three already this year, and it would be really unfair if you don't let her go out with him just because you liked him as well."

I shrugged, "Whatever. If she wants to go out with that prick tell her to go ahead."



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