Could her life be any more perfect?


5. You

“Hey there.” Joe replied, running his hands through his hair, making it messier and sexier than ever.

And then click. Jasmine turned on her extremely irritating, giggly, flirty mode that actually wasn’t flirty at all, but super unattractive.

God she was so annoying.  Jasmine didn’t have the brains to figure out that this was the reason Marcus White was the only boy in our year who actually fancied her.

I dug my nails deeper into my palms to hold my frustration back. Why was she so oblivious about everything?

 I could tell from Joe’s grimace that he was secretly trying to think of an escape route that would take him as far away from her as possible. But Jasmine was like a piece of the chessboard, constantly trying to trap him in a corner, whilst he tried to edge away.

“How come I never see you around before?” Jasmine asked – a blatant lie, I wouldn’t be surprised if she stalked him every day when he walked home from school. “Where’ve you been all this time?” She added.

“I usually hang around by my football club; I train literally every day with my mates.”

“You play football?!” Jasmine squealed, as if she didn’t know.

I rolled my eyes at the pathetic excuse in front of me, wondering whether it was my time to step in or if I should humiliate Jasmine any further.

Jess seemed to be permanently blushing, but occasionally joined in with a giggle in hope that she was contributing to the conversation. Her hands were hiding under her sleeves and her glance constantly fell to the floor.

I never understood why Jess got so shy all the time – it was an emotion I could never understand, and one that I couldn’t even remember experiencing.

I watched Jess as she copied Jasmine, who was still trying to edge closer to him. It was so ridiculous I had to force back a laugh.

I felt almost sorry for Jasmine’s desperation because clearly she really did like him. But she didn’t seem to realise that there was a difference between being cute and bubbly, and being just plain annoying. Clearly Jess really liked him too; she just didn’t have the confidence or guts to dare speaking to him, or add anything onto the conversation at the very least.

 However I’d had enough of their embarrassing attempts, and now it was my turn.

“I love football! I can’t believe you’re in a team!” Jasmine exclaimed, she let out another fake, high pitched giggle

“Well look at the size of those muscles,” I smirked, “…And that body.”

Joe’s glance moved to me and his lips formed into a smirk, and our eyes contact remained fixed for a few moments.

 “So what’s your name?” he asked.

"Cassie," I replied.



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