Could her life be any more perfect?


6. See?

I can tell what a sign is when I see one.

And Joe was giving some pretty obvious signals as he leant back on the ageing park bench, with his elbows resting behind him, in order to demonstrate his prominent abs. His smirk was permanently stitched on his face, illustrating his amount of confidence.

Perhaps a bit too much confidence.

But he had a gorgeous appearance - jet black messy hair, toned body and eyes that were to die for - which was something that none of my old boyfriends could ever compete with.

He was perfect.

Gradually he moved closer, and I ordered myself to flirt back, determined to be the one who was in charge as I was ashamed of my lack of dominance. But I seemed to be fixed on the bench, and I actually began to worry that someone had spilt some super glue on it before I had sat down.

Or maybe this was what it was like to be shy.

Only a while ago I was I was questioning the possibilties of ever experiencing the feeling, but here I was now, literally blushing from his company.

And I didn't like it at all.

I stared at his perfect, pink lips, and finally my mind took control of my body.

 I leant in swiftly, giving a small grin first, then kissed him.

Our contact ended when he suddenly jerked back, his obvious surprise displayed on his face. Suddenly his perfect, innocent expression darkened, making my stomach churn.

"What the hell are you doing?" He exclaimed.

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