Could her life be any more perfect?


10. Saying

I swear things never turn out as fun as you plan them out to be... and mine and Jasmine's shopping trip was just another example.

It was relieving getting back home, and away from Jas' constant nattering and giggling about each boy that passed us (even the ones that weren't that cute) because there's only so much time you can spend with her before you seriously consider strangling her. Or letting her know how annoying she actually is.

Me and Jess often save expressing our irritation until her back has turned, and then we rant about how incredibly annoying she is.

...I may as well be honest about it; so many people bitch about their friends and then deny it.

It's annoying. Like, you might as well admit that you're a pretty lame friend.

But this time me and Jess couldn't have a little bitching session because Jess wasn't invited (which may have been partly my fault).

Jess had her boyfriend so it wasn't like she needed us anymore.

Not now when she's playing tongue tennis with a major hottie.



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