Could her life be any more perfect?


3. Perfect

I smiled at the beautiful girl that was reflected in my bedroom mirror. Her long, thick dark hair tumbled down her shoulders, her shiny brown eyes were large and innocent, framed by thick, dark eyelashes. Her designer clothes emphasized her figure which curved out in the right places.

  There wasn't one thing I could change about myself. I was the definition of perfect.

After applying a few more coats of my mascara, I grabbed my school satchel and headed downstairs. Jess and Jasmine arrived just as I was heading out of the door, both were wearing the exact replicas of the hairstyle I had yesterday, and I had also noticed Jess had decided to change her school bag into a shade identical to mine. Ugh - they can't live without me.

  "Cassidy, you look gorgeous!" Jasmine squealed, her hand moved towards a lock of shiny, brunette hair. 

  "How many times Jasmine?!" I exclaimed, "Have I told you to stop touching my hair!?"

  Jasmine's eyes widened. "Oh, sorry Cassidy." She stammered, "...anyway have you heard the news?"

  "Nope. What is it?"

  "Well..." Jasmine started, her face flushed with excitement. "You know Joe Daniels?"

  "Of course I know Joe Daniels,' I sighed, 'He's the fittest boy who goes to The Grange."

  'Well anyway, apparently he likes somebody in year ten, at our school!"

  "You serious?" I asked in surprise, "But he's like eighteen!"

  "I know!" Jasmine giggled, "who do you think he likes?!"

The corner of my mouth lifted into a small small smirk, but I sighed, "ah I dunno, it could be any of us." 



As we began to approach the school I hitched up my skirt a few more centimeters and glanced towards Jess and Jasmine who were doing the exact same. I immediately spotted Brittany Earle walking out of the gates, stabbing her thumbs against the buttons on her phone.

One of the most important things I've learnt moving into secondary school is to look out for the possible popular girls (they're usually the confident ones). And as soon as you spot one, suck up to them to get on the right side of them. Do this and you'll survive. Get on the wrong side of them and you could end up with the rest of the year hating your guts.

So when Brittany called, "Hey Cassidy!" as she passed me I gave her a huge, fake smile and replied, "Hi Brittany! OMG! You look so pretty!"

She gave me a smug grin back, as if to say don't I always? And then walked off to join her friends.

I'm lucky I'm in good terms with her - she can be a total bitch when she wants to be.

But she's nicer than me, that's for sure. 

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