Could her life be any more perfect?


2. I'm

I smashed my phone on the tile flooring, sending shattered glass in all directions. Stupid phone.

  “He’s such a prick!” I yelled, grabbing handfuls of my long hair in frustration.” What did he mean I have no personality?!”

  “Cassidy, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about!” Jess insisted. She moved my curtain of hair away from my eyes, “he doesn’t deserve you anyway. You’re a good person and you shouldn’t be treated like that. Of course you have a personality!”

  A small tear slipped down my cheeks, I didn’t bother wiping it away.

    “Yeah,” Jasmine added, “you’re a funny, clever and good person, you don’t deserve him.”

  I nodded sadly, “You’re right. I was way too good for him. I only dated him because he was the captain of the football team; I’ve seen some boys that look way better than him.”

  Jasmine nodded in encouragement, “of course you’re too good for him Cassidy! Anyway, were you two planning on staying for tea?”

  I sighed dramatically, “Can’t. Mum forced me to help decided what outfits she should wear for her meeting. Tragic, isn’t it? She can’t cope without me.”

  “Oh right,” Jasmine nodded, “Is that with the modelling agent?”

  “Yeah,” I nodded, “apparently she got fed with the older agent. I’m not surprised to be honest; the lady was well into her fifties.”

Jess flinched. Her Mum was practically a pensioner and looked more like her grandmother. I suddenly felt really bad; it wasn’t her fault her parents were so old. I forced a bright smile at her and said, “I’m sorry Jasmine, I didn’t realise!”

Her expression softened. “That’s okay Cassidy!” She smiled.

“Well, I’m going to head home,” I concluded, “see you guys tomorrow!”



When I got home, Dad was lazing on the sofa and flicking through the channels on the TV.  “Hi Daddy!” I said sweetly, I sat down nearby.

  “How’s my little girl?” He asked, tapping his cigarette into the dish in front of him, “had a good day?”

  “Yeah it was good,” I said, giving him a forced smile. I sighed, “You wouldn’t be mad at me would you?”

  “Why would I be mad?” He asked, staring at the football on the TV. He balanced the cigarette between his lips whilst he turned the volume down with the remote, “d’you get in trouble at school?”

  “Oh no!” I exclaimed, “Of course not. It’s just there’s a small problem with my phone.”

  “Your iPhone?” He frowned, “it’s supposed to be the best one yet.”

  “Well it smashed the second it dropped on to the floor,” I sighed.

  He raised his eyebrows, “did you drop it?”

  “Of course I didn’t!” I said in surprise, “it was one of my friends… you don’t know her.” I gabbled. “Anyway, I’m going shopping with Jess and Jasmine on Saturday so should I have a look at the other phones? I was getting sick of mine anyway and I heard that the Samsung Galaxy SIII is even better.”

  He sighed, “Okay then… as long as you promise to look after your new phone. Here’s some spending money for Saturday as well,” he said, handing me a couple of tenners.

  “Thanks daddy!” I squealed, giving him a hug.

I smirked.

That was too easy.

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