Could her life be any more perfect?


9. Hard

"Do you want to go shopping afterwards?" I asked Jasmine on the way back from school, remembering that I was supposed to be getting a new phone.

"Yeah, did you ask Jess?" She replied, frowning as she texted rapidly.

"Nah she's going to be with Joe isn't she?" I shrugged. I paused for a moment. "Anyway we haven't spent much time with just the two of us."

Her expression softened, "Yeah that's true! ...Well I'll just check with Mum but I don't think I'm doing anything." Grinning, she stepped on to the road. "See you later!"


Jasmine hesitated thoughtfully, "Oh, by the way... you're really mature for being okay with Jess and You Know Who. To be honest even I can't help feeling a little bit jealous of her!"

I laughed, "Oh that? Personally I think they're really sweet together," I admitted. "I like someone else anyway."

"Ah that's good...oh and by the way, the foundation gives you a really nice complexion!" She called as she crossed the road.

For a moment I panicked. A small part of me worried that she was being sarcastic and the foundation had oxidized, making me look more like a Oompa Loompa than a teenage girl; or that it had melted off my face resulting in a shiny, icky complexion. But a quick glance in the mirror, and the reflection of picture-perfect skin ended my worries.


"Da-aad?" I called as I heard him emerge through the front door downstairs.

"Yee-es?" he yelled back.

I skipped downstairs, "I'm going shopping today, remember?"

"Oh yeah, what about it?"

"Well, can I have a little bit of pocket money please," putting on an obvious, innocent expression.

He chuckled, "those puppy dog eyes don't work with me. You're lucky you were going to be given pocket money anyway." He handed me two twenty pound notes and a tenner - clearly Dad's business was going well at the moment.

It was amazing to be loaded with money, yet not even have a job like Jess and Jasmine, who even then, were strapped from cash. I was proud to say that I haven't stepped into a charity shop once.


"Huh?" I said, returning my attention to Dad.

"Your phone."

"Oh yeah."

As I trudged back up the stairs a new message from Jess.

From: Jess
To: Cassie

You and Jasmin doing anything today? xxxxx


From: Cassie
To: Jess

No sorry we're both busy maybe another day? xxxxx :*


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