Could her life be any more perfect?


4. Don't

  After school, the three of us headed out of the school gates, walking with our usual air of confidence.

  "Are you sure this is the right place?" I asked Jasmine, raising my eyebrows at her in my doubt. I glanced around the vandalised park, where all the aparatus, even the bins had either been attacked by pen knifes or covered with graffitti. This didn't seem like the sort of place somebody like him would hang out at. What could and eighteen year old find so interesting about a place like this?

 "Jasmine?" I snapped, irritated by her lack of response.

  "He's there," she giggled, blushing slightly as she pointed towards the group of boys huddled near the climbing frame.

  I frowned at the group of chavs in disapproval. "Honestly Jasmine, I doubt Joe Daniels hang round with them..."

 I paused when I spotted the familar tousled, jet black hair, big build and interesting fashion sense. Damn, he was goodlooking.

"Right, shall we go up to him?" I suggested, grabbing my pocket mirror and reapplying another layer of lipgloss.

"Are we seriously going to just going up to him?" Jess questioned uncertainly.

I rolled my eyes and snapped the mirror shut. "Look," I sighed, "he isn't going to notice us if we're just stood here giggling at him, we'll just go up and speak to him."

"How do you know that he like one of us?" Jasmine asked, "it could be one of the popular lot for all we know, he's more likely to know about them."

I laughed coldly, "Brittany Earle looks a mess - her hair's pretty much dead, I won't even start on her spots - and the rest of them have boyfriends."

"Well alright then," Jasmine sighed, and she hitched up her skirt about an inch.


"Let's go."

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