I wasn't sure what to put this as 0.o but heres a small story I wrote last night when I was supposed to be sleeping. :)


1. Chapter 1

Her eyes sink to the corpse in front of her. Her legs paralysed with fear, she looked up towards the killer.

"Please don't kill me!" She cries, the tears on her face quickening with each passing second. Too scared to back away as the murderer walks twards her. She screamed as the killer picked her up.

"Aiko, stop struggling!" a pained voice said from underneath the hood hiding the killer's face. Aiko froze, she had heard it before.

"Can you please put me down?" She asked, her voice shaking with fear. A knife raised to her throat pressed against her skin painfully.

"I'm sorry Aiko. I'm so, so sorry!" He shouted as he drew the blade across her neck, killing her. The killer pulled back the hood to reveal a seventeen year-old boy, equal in age to Aiko, with tears streaming down his face.

"I love you Aiko, I want to be with you forever." he whispered, then he cut his arms, slowly, skillfully, painfully. He screamed an in-human scream as the pain was too much for him to handle. He grabbed out a pen and paper, and wrote a small note, and lay it on the floor. he picked up the girl he had killed before, and placed her next to her older, dead sister. He sat down next to them, and without another word, drew the blade across his own neck, silencing his breath forever.

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