Why me?

Who will Zayn malik choose


2. Not soo good

So i actually got to move in with Zayn and i even met the whole 1D group.
They are the nicest guys in the whole wide world!!!
So now i am liying on Zayn's bed and talking to my friend Valerie.
She wanted to come for a visit and i couldn't say no, since i need a girl to talk to too.
Zayn was at his computer chatting with random people.
I thought i could join him and watch him. Was that such a good idea?
From behind i saw him chatting with a girl. first i thought it might be a friend of his but then she wrote him:"last night was great hunny! Love u and meet u tomorrow! XoXo...
"What are u doing Zayn!?!?" i asked him. "None of ur business!" he said angrily. "ZAYN TELL ME NOW! ARE U CHEATING ON ME?" I screamed with tears runnging down my eyes. There he stood. No moovment with his eyes wide open. I couldnt take it anymore. I ran to the room. Packed my bags and left. No words. He didn't even try to stop me! Why? Did he never love me? Was it all a joke? maybe those bad comments on Twitter were right. Maybe i was to ugly for him. Yes! Thats it, no more celebrity love for me...no more! unless...i get to be a celebrity.
It has been 4 month now since i last saw Zayn and i was happy. In those month i wanted to lose weight to start a carrier as a model or a singer. I didn't really know.
But i knew that girl that he was talking with..i knew her really good.
Should i give Zayn a chance just to explain or should i leave his life forever? What should i do?

>>What do u think? Should i update? Comment what u think till now! <<

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