Why me?

Who will Zayn malik choose


3. Life or Death

I started a carrier at elite. I was a model right now. I expected a visit of Valerie but since
3 hours she still didnt arive. Maybe she was the girl who was with Zayn. Should i really think
that? Maybe she is! Should i check? Yeah...But is that such a good idea?
Infront of Zayn's house i took a deep breath and entered. I heard a scream so i ran upstairs.
"WHAT ARE U DOING HERE VALERIE?!?!" i screamed at her. "ehmm...nothing.."  she replied. "WHAT ARE U DOING HERE AND TELL ME RIGHT NOW OR I AM LEAVING!" "okay okay..i love liam but i am only together with Zayn because i wanted to come closer to Liam!" she answered. "So all this time u never liked me Zayn?" i said with tears in my eyes. There he stood again. No emotion not even a single blink. Just like a statue. Tears were flooding out my eyes and i ran to his bathroom. Crying without and end and i was filled with anger and sadness. Why me? The door opend and Zayn came in. He wanted to kiss me but i turned around. "fuck you zayn malik..!" i mumbled. But he heard me. As i left the bathroom i heard a gasp behind me. Then I left. Before i closed the door Valerie was at the stairs and i showed her my middle finger.
I ran home with tears in my eyes. My vision got blurry. Zayn never loved me? Why me? and i saw a light...

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