Why me?

Who will Zayn malik choose


1. How we met

Regina's P.O.V

Hey i'm Regina
Since now 3 month i've been dating Zayn Malik. Yeah u heard me right, the dj malik and 1/5 of One Direction. Well this is how it all started

~ Flashback ~

I was 18 (still am) and i went clubing since i lived in london and my parnets threw me out of the house. i thought clubing would be nice since i would get drunk and stay at someone's place. Well so i met Zayn Malik there, i guess he was there because he wanted to get over the brake up with Perrie which i heard on Twitter. Nice ;) So we talked and got to know more about each other. Then he wanted me too come to his house so i agreed. It started raining but not heavily just a rain that u got socky wet but it was nice. He gave me his jacket. It was so romantic i actually blushed. He pulled me in his arms and kissed my forehead. My gosh! Even when it was just a kiss on the forehead it was soo nice.

~ End of Flashback~

So thats how we met!


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