A Zombie Chronicle

With the mother of all colds coming on, Daniel commutes into London at the beginning of the New Year.

All is not what it seems as everyone around him appears to be suffering with what he first believes are severe colds, possibly flu. As the morning wears on, he and his American friend, Rob,fight for their lives to get out of the City and back to Daniel's home, where, hopefully his wife will be waiting for him.

From there they must decide what to do, fight for their lives in the UK or escape to the USA, if there are still any available flights, perhaps with the chance to start a new life in the Midwest. Unless the problem is there to greet them upon arrival.


4. 1st chapter available on YouTube!


Dear Readers

I hope many of you have read the full book on Amazon. Here is the first Chapter, read by me with illustrations on YouTube!

Check this out!


David K Roberts

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