angel of darkness

ari is an angle of darkness.a leathal killing machine.once born,her kits will kill her.her silver pelt and blue eyes are not normal for her.she meets friends and many things happen.will she survive the dangers?


1. they meet

ari was flying aroung,her beautiful pelt glisting in the sunlight.she landed by the river and lapped up the sweet water.she herd a twig snapped and she whipped around and hissed.the tom hissed back,at the sight of an unfirmillar she cat.she saw the tom and relaxed"sorry,i did not know what made that noise"she mewed,licking her paw."its ghost"he mewed,looking at her."im ari"she replied simply."it nice to meet you ari"ghost mewed,dipping his head."i could say the same as well"she dipped her head as well

onewing landed on a boulder,looking around,his one wing tucked away.he sighed"at least i can still fly with one wing"he mewed and took offhe senced others and flew to the sky to have a look.ghost knew there was another cat and his ears perked.ari knew somthing was up there so she flew up to have a look

onewing saw another cat fly towards him.ari cought up to him"hello"she mewed." onewing"he mewed,his wing flapping."im ari"she mewed."who is your friend?"he asked,looking at ghost"come meet him"she mewed and flew back down"ok..."he mewed carefully and flew down.this is where their story all began

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