angel of darkness

ari is an angle of darkness.a leathal killing machine.once born,her kits will kill her.her silver pelt and blue eyes are not normal for her.she meets friends and many things happen.will she survive the dangers?


2. cherry

as they flew down,ghost thought who is he?but pushed it aside and greet ari"who is he?"he hissed and unshethed his claws out of habbit."im onewing"he said with no emotion and he relaxed a little"hi"he mewed.ari sighed"calm down ghost,onewing is nice"she mewed and looked at them."whatever.i need to meet mt sister, you wanna come?"he asked"ok!' she mewed."ok..."onewing mewed."fly or walk?"she asked,prepared to take off."fly"he mewed and bolted into the sky"ok"onewing mewed and flew off after him.she flew after them.threr journey has begun

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