Destiny's Key

Faith is no ordinary girl. When a key appears in her hand, she unlocks her front door to find horrors awaiting her. She can't escape and she can't kill the monsters either as that would killing ones close to her too. Will she ever escape or will she be stuck in the parallel dimension forever?


7. sleeping Beauty

Okay, I told myself, everything is going to be fine. It always is, like in fairy stories I'll be whisked awa into the sunset on a White stallion accompanied by a dashing prince. I wish, my old life would be good enough for me.
I returned to the robots, still on stand still, could I kill them? No they were my mum and sister, I couldn't kill them.
Yawn, I feel ever so sleepy. Well everything's on stand still nothing can happen. Just a little nap. Oh, I was so wrong!
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