Destiny's Key

Faith is no ordinary girl. When a key appears in her hand, she unlocks her front door to find horrors awaiting her. She can't escape and she can't kill the monsters either as that would killing ones close to her too. Will she ever escape or will she be stuck in the parallel dimension forever?


1. It all started badly....

I first found out about my superpower not long ago. In fact it was just last year. I wonder where I would be now if I hadn't discovered it. I wouldn't be here for sure, I wish I hadn't discovered it as anywhere must be better than here!
I was walking home one dreary September evening from a particularly bad day at school. It was raining the sort of rain which is going to get you wet no matter what. Mum wasn't in, there was a note on the door reading , I wont be back until late, wait for me with Janna next door. Holly is out at rowing until late so don't worry about her.
Worry about Holly! When have I ever worried about Holly. Reader you are now asking me who's Holly? Well, even if your not your going to find out. She's my younger sister though most would think she's older , I'm not known for good looks and tastes. Holly is massively sporty, in fact she hopes to participate in the Olympics, not soon though, she's only ten.
Okay back to the story, wasn't about to go Janna's, however sweet she is she's a little eccentric. She's hoping to discover how go create a jet pack to fly to the moon in. She wants to be the first person to walk on the sun (even though that's not even possible). She needs someone to try out all her crazy ideas on and thats not about to be me!
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