Destiny's Key

Faith is no ordinary girl. When a key appears in her hand, she unlocks her front door to find horrors awaiting her. She can't escape and she can't kill the monsters either as that would killing ones close to her too. Will she ever escape or will she be stuck in the parallel dimension forever?


5. Help me

I was panicking. There was so many things I had to do before I died. I was to young to die. I'm only twelve and I'm going to be brutally murdered by robots disguised as my sister and mother. What a horrible end. Then I discovered my super power. I could stop time!
About to die I whispered, " help me?". But those two words were going to change my life Forever.
Then suddenly the bang, bang, crunch stopped and there was just silence. I edged around the corner of the door. They had just frozen in mid hit their arms raised. I had stopped time! I wasn't going to die!
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