Destiny's Key

Faith is no ordinary girl. When a key appears in her hand, she unlocks her front door to find horrors awaiting her. She can't escape and she can't kill the monsters either as that would killing ones close to her too. Will she ever escape or will she be stuck in the parallel dimension forever?


8. A miracle?

I yawned. I stretched. Ohhhh bright light. Ouch my eyes. I sat bolt upright. Something was wrong. There had been no sunlight before just the dodgy lamps but now the light was so bright it was like staring into the sun and not been able to look away. Then I saw them. The robots staring at my heart licking their lips. I shuffled my bum back into a corner but they followed me still staring at my heart licking their lips. "STOP!" I shrieked petrified, "don't look at me!"
Did they listen no. They probably didn't even have ears. Oh well I had tried. The thought which was swamping my mind was, I thought they were frozen stopped in time by my super power. It had obviously gone wrong when I slept. Who was I kidding? A superpower? Really? How sad. They had probably only frozen by chance or a miracle nothing to do with me. For a minute I really did think I had superpowers. A super hero. Please!
Okay back to the story. I had two evil robots about to eat me. Stop day dreaming faith, do something. "Help me?" I murmured. I didn't expect it to work but it was worth a try. It worked it actually worked! Come on miracles don't happen twice in a row, do they?

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