Two sides

Destiney loves to sing she always sings in her room and she loves to perform she is even in Drama class. There's just one little problem she isn't great on the ears. Her twin sister Faith writes song they aren't the best but at least she try's.She sings too and she's amazing people say she has the voice of an angle which really hurts her sisters feelings. Faith says she would sing in front of people but she has the biggest case if stage fright ever! How will the twins overcome their problems to create a perfect ever after? You will have to read to find out.


1. Introduction

Faith and Destiney are twin sisters with a passion for music and so sweet,beautiful,smart and a drive to reach their goals. Faith has long blonde curly hair and blue greenish greyish eyes, her favorite color is pink and she loves anything to do with water and rain. She is really girly and loves dresses and skirts and loves animals,she loves to sing and everyone says she sounds like a angle she writes songs but they aren't to great. Destiney is a brunet with natural light red highlights and green eyes her favorite color is purple. She loves nature and singing even though her voice isn't to good on the ears she just loves to perform on stage unlike her sister who has the biggest case of stage fright ever. Faith and Destiney both love Taylor Swift she is their favorite singer and both of their idol and role model. They both wish to meet her and see her in concert and they both share the same number of 13 just like Taylor. Faith and Destiney live with their mom and dad their mom's name is Jessica and their dad's name is Johnathan. Jonathan is a police officer and Jessica is a housewife,they also they have a dog which is a Irish Setter and her name is Bella and the have a cat and her name is Dotty. They live in a two story house in Austin,Texas and their last name is Rockwood .
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