Two sides

Destiney loves to sing she always sings in her room and she loves to perform she is even in Drama class. There's just one little problem she isn't great on the ears. Her twin sister Faith writes song they aren't the best but at least she try's.She sings too and she's amazing people say she has the voice of an angle which really hurts her sisters feelings. Faith says she would sing in front of people but she has the biggest case if stage fright ever! How will the twins overcome their problems to create a perfect ever after? You will have to read to find out.



Hey guys sorry that this isn't an update I just wanted to say that I'm probably not going to update this story anymore on here I might put it on wattpad and write a lot more often so I'm not using movellas anymore for either of my stories sorry guys but go make an wattpad and follow me there my username is CassieAnn13 so you can go follow me on there for updates frequently on this story and my other stories sorry guys it is a lot to handle all at once I'm not deleting this account but I'm probably never using it again so thanks for reading on here and hope to see you on wattpad and if you do say your from movellas and I'll appreciate it a lot !!!

Love you lots - C.A

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