Two sides

Destiney loves to sing she always sings in her room and she loves to perform she is even in Drama class. There's just one little problem she isn't great on the ears. Her twin sister Faith writes song they aren't the best but at least she try's.She sings too and she's amazing people say she has the voice of an angle which really hurts her sisters feelings. Faith says she would sing in front of people but she has the biggest case if stage fright ever! How will the twins overcome their problems to create a perfect ever after? You will have to read to find out.


3. Chapter 3

Faiths P.O.V

I am so embarrassed that I finish what's left of my breakfast and head out the door with out a single word. I'm so angry that Destiney told our mom and why would she care ,it's not like I'm going to run away with him. He doesn't even know I exist. I head to the bus and stand there quietly waiting until I hear a screaming sound coming from down the street and it's you guessed it's coming from my sisters mouth. I hear the bus coming and I say not a single word to my sister even though she keeps blabbing to me. I see the bus pull up and head on as usual I sit in seat 13 my favorite number. I sit by myself like all ways, I pop in my earbuds and play "Hey Stephen" by Taylor Swift as I have been for months. I quietly sing along and check my Instagram and Twitter as we ride down the street.

Destiney's P.O.V (before the bus comes)

I watch as Faith heads out the door and think now you know how I felt. I was tired and had time to kill so I went and sat on the couch to watch t.v. I turn on the t.v and on comes one of mine and Faith's favorite show comes on "Freinds". I guess I didn't pay any attention to the time and my mom taps on my shoulder saying I'm going to be late. I run screaming down the street. As soon as I stop my sister and everyone else was staring at me. The bus pulls up right after I notice the staring and we all head on. My sister sits where she always does and it's seat number 13 I ask her every day if I can sit with her and she as usual says no. I sit right behind her in seat number 15 I don't mind siting there it's just I like 13 better I also sit there if Faith ever wants to talk . I put in my earbuds and put Taylor on shuffle and comes on "Stay Beautiful" on of my favorites I sing along in my head as we continue to ride down the street.

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