Two sides

Destiney loves to sing she always sings in her room and she loves to perform she is even in Drama class. There's just one little problem she isn't great on the ears. Her twin sister Faith writes song they aren't the best but at least she try's.She sings too and she's amazing people say she has the voice of an angle which really hurts her sisters feelings. Faith says she would sing in front of people but she has the biggest case if stage fright ever! How will the twins overcome their problems to create a perfect ever after? You will have to read to find out.


2. Chapter 2

Faith's POV
As I wake up ready to go through another week of middle school I hear my sister singing and it's not a very pretty thing to wake up to. She's screaming at the top of her lungs and I'm surprised that my mom hasn't screamed at her yet but Bella is hideing under my bed trying to block the sound. I walk over to her room knock on the door because she hates it when I barge in even though we're twins. She tells me I can come in and I tell her to knock it off and she just points me out. I go and do my routine and head down stairs to eat. My mom sets down a plate with toast bacon and a glass of OJ (because i hate eggs unlike my dad).As usaual dotty is laying in the couch doing nothing but sleeping away I smile and start to eat. Destiney walking down the stairs tells mom all about her "show" in her room from earlier my mom says so that was the screatching sound I herd. I just laugh and try to countain myself. Then she just blurts out "Faith likes a boy and his name is Liam"! My mom asked me is this true and I confess, yes she tells me not to be embarresd and that it's natural. I mouth to Destiney "I'm going to kill you then I bury my head in my face and blush even though my face is always red.
Destiney's POV
(Before breakfast) I'm singing away and I hear a knock on my door I let them come in and it's Faith she tells me to knock it off and I point her to the door she leaves with out a fuss. I get ready and then head down stairs telling my mom about me singing she gives me a snide comment but I shake it off. I decide to tell mom about Faith's crush to get back at her for last week for telling her Best friend Hope about my crush. She gets a pep talk about boys and then she mouths I'm going to kill you but I don't care she then burys her head into her hands and blushes not like she always is. I then start eating my heated up oatmeal and milk and just think about how the rest of the day will be.
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