Dreams come true.

Sophie Horan is an ordinary girl but only that she is
Niall Horan sister who goes for few weeks to London
to meet her brother to have some fun and change her
boring life and be the girl who is she really are but
maybe her plans got changed after meeting a curly haired
boy and fall in love with him ... or not?


3. The suprise.





'Oh hello, sorry for i hit you, are you okay?' asked Louis worriedly. 'oh yes it's okay' i said while i took my suitcase and went into the flat. 'what took you so long Soph?' Niall asked annoyed. 'just got hit by your friend with a skateboard that's all' i said with a smile. Niall nodded and went upstairs with my bags, i followed him and saw all the awards that they got, i'm so proud if my brother. We went into a huge room 'This is you bedroom while you staying here, so unpack your stuff and come down to the kitchen to greet the others oh and soph my girlfriend is here too so don't be rude!' Niall told me with a serious face and i just nodded.

Finally i got finished, i'm so exhausted and all i want is to lay down and watch some dvd and eat some pop corn but no i have to go greet the others and meet my brother's girlfriend nice i don't know how this night will be go but i give a try.

I start to walk down the stairs i looked around and didn't saw anyone i walked around abput 5 mins and still i don't know where am i going, why on earth Niall need this big house when he's living on his own? i asked myself and heard talking behind me, oh great i found the kitchen ...

Niall's pov:
When i came down the stairs i saw the Ashley arrived so i went to greet her and saw that she have lots of bags ith her ' hi babe, why do you have these bags with you?' i asled while helped her carry more bags. 'Because before i came here we had a girl's day and yeah we bought lots of clothes oh and i also bought some for Soph' she said while we went into the house. 'oh okay, and thanks' and with that we went into my bedroom and go changed. When i got finnished i was ready to go down to the kitchen but Ashley grabbed my hand and looked very nervous. I start to worry and think that she gonna break up with me. Before i could say anything she start to talk. 'Niall, we need to talk...' we sat down. 'remmeber that night when we got really drunk and you know what happened..' she said while laugh a little bit. 'yeah and? ... ' i asked confused. 'So we didn't used protection and...' before she could finished i said ' are you? ' she nodded and i kissed her  passionately and huged her. 'I'm so happy Ashley and when did you founded out?' i asked while let her from the hug. 'two days ago when my period was 3 weeks later and i went to the doctor and he said i'm pregnant.' with that we went down and decided to tell everyone who's here today.

Sophie pov:
so i went into the kitchen and hugged everyone and kissed them on the cheek. Thay said i look pretty and they liked my accent to. While i was talking to Liam about some fears that we have Niall step on a chair and had a little speech about how he is happy to have his girlfriend and me that i finally came to London to se him and than he start to talk about how he always wanted a little kid and maybe he/ she is coming sooner than we thought. Than Niall grabbed Ashley's hand and they announced that Ashley is 1 months pregnant...



*Hi everyone hope you enjoyed this one too, so i see that people are reading it but please if you like it or not say something because i wanna know why is bad and i can make it better so byeeeeee :) *

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