Dreams come true.

Sophie Horan is an ordinary girl but only that she is
Niall Horan sister who goes for few weeks to London
to meet her brother to have some fun and change her
boring life and be the girl who is she really are but
maybe her plans got changed after meeting a curly haired
boy and fall in love with him ... or not?


5. The Night.





*2 weeks later*
My plan to avoid Harry was a disaster, he always came over to check on ''Niall'' but obviously he always ended up to talk to me or being with me. But actually i was happy about it, i don't know why but being with him made me falling for him. No i just can't falling for him it's not the right time and i promised Niall i stay away from him, but it's just too hard if he staying here every day and sometimes sleep in the guest room. But if i just talk to him and being friendly isn't bad?

Today we're going to the club with Niall and the boys, Ashley can't come with us because she said she need to relax and and don't want to be around drunk people while she is sober. Niall said he wanted saty home with her but she said if he's not going than she won't talk to him for 2 weeks. So here we are in the cab on our way to the funky buddha i know that some celebrity is going to be there so i'm a bit nervous. But right now i just want a night and do whatever i want and don't regret anything, i hope everything going to be okay.

We arrived to the funky buddha an hour ago and i had fun, Niall is already drunk so as Zayn and Lou, and unfortunatelly their girlfriends can't make it today so i'm the only female in the ''group''. I danced with Zayn and Liam for bit in a friendly way, and i feel already exhausted and make my way to the bar to get a drink. I ordered Vodka with some Red Bull and take it immediately, i got some more shots and feelt already tipsy so i thought i'm going to sit down. I sit there alone and watched the people dance when a man walked up to me and sat beside me he looked at my body and smiled '' Hi i'm David''
''Sophie'' i respond with a friendly smile.
'' Love why are you alone? Because you look really hot and you know there's some jerks araound the club and you know i-'' He stoped his wierd speech when someone placed a hand on his shoulder. When i looked at the ufamilliar person i got shocked, and saw none other than Harry.
'' She's my girlfriend so go home little boy if you don't want any trouble for yourself.'' He said with an angry voice, before i could stop David and ask Harry what is wrong with him, David run off immediately.
''What the-'' i try to say somethin but i just couldn't, so i just turned around not want to face him and went off the the bar to get some shots after this little scene. 



*So sorry for not updating for so long, i feel so bad :(  But i had lot of thing going in my life ...  but anyway, for the next chapter i'm gonna pick Liam and Lou's girlfriends, it's really hard to choose but i need to so please, if it's not you don't worry if you want i can make you as one of the friends or what ... oh and i'm gonna pick a person who's on the favourite list, Something for something right? :) anyway THANK YOU if you reading the story and didn't blame me for my spellings :)
Lots of Love,




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