Dreams come true.

Sophie Horan is an ordinary girl but only that she is
Niall Horan sister who goes for few weeks to London
to meet her brother to have some fun and change her
boring life and be the girl who is she really are but
maybe her plans got changed after meeting a curly haired
boy and fall in love with him ... or not?


2. Here we go.


The flight was good and it's only 15 mintutes till i will see my brother, i'm so excited. I got of the plain and saw that there are a bunch of people waiting to get their bags and suitcase too so i just went ot a little shop to gte some tea. After i bought the tea i recognized a familiar blonde boy on a billboard, it still wierd to see him everywhere i just smiled and went to collect my suitcase.


Niall pov

I can't believe my little sister come to visit me, i'm so happy i really miss her, when we're were young we always played together and if anything bad happend to any of us we always talked about it. We had a really strong realtionship but when she got bigger and i moved to London because of my career we didn't talked too much and i really miss that, but i hope she will have a fun time here and also she gonna meet my band mates, bye the way i told the that they are not allowed to make an eyecontact with her or touch her like that because i think none of them would deserve her. But now i'm here at the airport and i'm worried that she didn't came or something happend-oh there she is her hair is beutiful like always, light brown and a little pink in it. She got a huge smile on her face when she recognized me, i missed her so much.

Spohie pov

I wondered where i have to go but than i recognized him, my big brother he actually didn't changed at all. We hugged each other and than we went out and walked to his car and it was about a 10 minute walk. When we reached the car we hopped into it and while he was driving we talked about our life, like always. I was so happy and gateful that i can see him again. When we arrived to his house i saw some cars 'Niall who's here too?' i asked nervously. 'Oh just my band mates you know Zayn,Harry,Louis and Liam.' 'They are here to get to know you better i hope it's okay'' he said while went out of the car and make his way to the house. I was gettin out of the car too when someone pushed me behind my back and i turned around and see...


*So in the next chapter you will know who Sophie saw and ''bumped'' into. I hope you enjoyed it, i actually liked this one it was fun to write it so yeah .... byeeeeeeeee :)  *

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