Dreams come true.

Sophie Horan is an ordinary girl but only that she is
Niall Horan sister who goes for few weeks to London
to meet her brother to have some fun and change her
boring life and be the girl who is she really are but
maybe her plans got changed after meeting a curly haired
boy and fall in love with him ... or not?


4. Drama.





Everyone's jaw dropped and just shocked but after a few seconds of silence 'Congrats guys' Liam said with a smile. I jut couldn't understand why now? They're still so young and Niall have to go for tours and couldn't have enough time for them but i guess they will figure ot out 'Sophie what's in you mind?' suddenly someone asked me. I looked up to see Harry and just shrug. 'do you want a drink?' he asked me with a smile. 'um no thanks, i don't drink' i said and he just nodded. 'Soph come here!' someone shouted. Than i saw Niall with the others taking pictures. I went over and took some pictures with Ashley and some with the boys. I was ready to go get some food when someone grabbed my hands and turned me over. 'I want a picture with you, okay?' Harry asked me and i just looked at him with a questioning face, he just smiled and grabbed my hand again and we went over where the pictures was been taken. We smiled and Harry garabbed my waist, looked at him and i got lost in his gorgeous green eyes, so was he with mine. We just stood there for a few second when suddenly someone shouted at us, i looked over and saw Louis 'aww look at the love birds, hey Niall i think Sophie's heart is stolen so as Harry's' he laught and went to talk to Zayn. Niall give Harry a 'Stay away from my sister' look and both of us blushed. Than i let go of Harry's hand and got some food. Niall came over to me with a serious face 'what's up Niall?' i asked while my mouth was full of food. 'Nothing just i saw you with Harry and i'm not happy' he said angrily. 'Why? i just tooked some pictures with him that's all' i said a little bit louder to now everyone was staring at us. 'Sophie i asked you for DO NOT got into love again, because you were hurt really hurt the last time and you just came here today and? Why on eart you don't take my advice?' He shouted. i gasped, i never saw Niall like this also he never shouted at me. I felt that i'm gonna cry, but i can't front of everyone. 'What is wrong with you?? I didn't do anything with Harry i just tooked a few pictures why is that-' i was about to finished what i'm about to say but someone start to talk ' i asked her to take some pictures with me, it's all my fault' I looked behind me and saw Harry i give him a questioning look again. 'I know that Niall you told us especially to me that we can't make an eye contact or anything with her but sorry she just so beautiful and i just can't control myself' Harry said and everyone just looked at him, well i was happy that he think i'm beaustiful .... wait no...i can't like him because what Niall said to me on the phone a week ago ... so no ... i just can't.


Harry's pov:

When is said the word 'Beautiful and i just can't control myself...' everyone looked at me confused, i think it was because i just saw her 2 hour ago but still i think she is really pretty i like her laugh and how she is speaking with her accent is just so cute but i guess i only can tell this to myself because i just can't fall for her it only make her in trouble and the fans ... i don't want to hurt her like i hurt my other girlfriends. I  understand Niall he doesn't want to hurt her too but still his scene make no sense because we just tooked some pictures no? or maybe they saw more when we looked each other's eyes, i was so lost and NO Harry no you can't just do this with her ... i guess the best idea is stay away from her because i fel that i'm start to fall for her.


Sophie's pov:

After this ''show'' what my brother gave me everyone went home, i just said bye to everyone but didn't gave Harry one because he went outside before i could say anything. Well i guess that's means nothing what he said but anyway i will found a time when we will talk about this drama. After we said our goodbyes i went up to my bedroom quickly and start to cry, i looked over a few pictures when we're small kids yeah but that maked me cry more and suddenly Ashley came in to my room. 'Hey what's wrong?' she asked me while grabbed some tissues and give it to me. 'I just..don't..get..it why Niall was mad at me?!?!' i said while crying more. 'Sweety he just try to protect you because your'e don't know what you gonna got if you start to date with Harry' she said with a sad smile. 'But because i'm talking to someone that is a B.O.Y that do not mean that i'm gonna date with him' i said with a louder voice. 'I know but we know how's Harry ''work'' he always says nice thing than when you think he is the one than he break up with you and that's it, look Niall just don't want you to get hurt because of Harry... and that's doesn't mean that you can't talk to him but you know just stay away from being with him alone somewhere' she said with a laugh when she got what she just said ''alone somewhere'' i smiled and nodded and hugged her. I knew that she is nice but really i'm happy that's she is who Niall will marry.But what Ashley says is realised me that why Niall was so angry and i just want to talk to him now. Oh and i just try to stay away from Harry now on...



*So that was chapter 4. i made it a bit longer than the others because your comments was so nice, oh and thank you all who reading it!!! :) I will try to update chapter 5 today if you comment how was this one :)


and ALSO : I'm looking for girlfriends for



Zayn: is taken by
Ciara Malik Xx :D 

So if you interested to ''be in the story'' than just write on the comment:


hair/eye colour

how tall (around)

and who's gf you want to be.

I will pick the person before chapter 6. and if no one want to be a gf to Liam or Louis than i just take Eleanor and Danielle  :) byeeeeeeeeee *


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