Dreams come true.

Sophie Horan is an ordinary girl but only that she is
Niall Horan sister who goes for few weeks to London
to meet her brother to have some fun and change her
boring life and be the girl who is she really are but
maybe her plans got changed after meeting a curly haired
boy and fall in love with him ... or not?


6. A Date?.






I woke up in an unfamiliar bedroom and i have no idea how i get here or who's bed i was in. But wait i..im naked ... omg what the hell happened yesterday? Omg Niall going to kill me. I instantly went to grab my phone which was on the bed side table but i feelt somethink wierd sticky thing i carefully looked at it and shocked about what was there a condom ... well nice i lose my virginity with some random guy nice Sophie you just did it great. After i looked at the cell phone and saw it was already 1pm i jupmed up and grabbed the first material and that was a white t-shirt and i got my underwears. After that i slowly opened the door but couldn't hear a noise, yes this is the right time to go and take it as it didn't happened and it was a nightmare. I walked slowly and quietly to the front door when suddenly someone grabbed me i i squealed and turn around and saw Harry ... wait WHAT? i lose my V-card with HIM? no,no,no,noooooo that didn't happened no!
'What are you doing?' i asked ... he has a confused look on his face.
'i made some breakfast for us...'  he said smirking.
'Well i don't think i have time for that Niall's probably worried sick by now-'
'Don't worry Soph he already knows you were sleeping here so come with me and have a nice breakfast ... i'm sure you need one after last night...' he winked at me ... well this is going to be awkward.


We're just finished breakfast and now just having a very awkward silence ...
'what happened last night?' i suddenly blurted out. oops
'Well you got REALLY drunk and me too ...and well ..mm i brought you home with me and i went upstairs to get some clothes and when we got changed i let you sleep in my bed but you grabbed my shirt and basically we had s-'
'DON'T SAY IT' i nearly shouted, omg this is soo embarassing.
'What? That we had s-'
'okay okay' he laughed.
I really don't know what to do now.
'Harry?' i questioned
'yes love?'
'i...um..can we forget about this night and ...and please don't tell Niall'
'Of course i don't tell him about what we did...but i ask for something in return' he smiled widely. oh no
'mmm...okay...sure ... i think' i said a bit scared what's on his mind.
'You have to come on a date with me'
'What? sorry but no.' i said simply.
'well then our little or big secre-'
'okay' i whispered.
'What?' he asked smiled
'I go on a date with you' now i said louder.
'YES! i pick you up at 7pm dress fancy' he winked and headed upstairs.

He is a wierd child! I have to say that! Now i think a should go home but i don't know what to expect from Niall, i know he know i slept here but still he's going to ask questions and untill i don't say the truth ... i'm just scared that if he found out that what happened last night he is going to kill me and send me back to Ireland. Oh before i forgot to tell they asked me to move in with them to help Ashley with the baby since i was workink as a babysitter back in Mullingar. I was so lost in my thoughts that i didn't saw that i passed our house well this is funny if someone saw that. I opened the door and welcomed by some familiar people including the boys gf...




*Hii, i know i didn't update much and i feel bad about this but i was sooo sick the last month and now again that's why i didn't updated yesterday, now because i feel better i updated as a promised :) I ope everyone understood this. So i picked the gf for the boys and i'm very sorry if it's isn't you but there will be other characters so don't worry :) So who i picked for the gf's is going to be in the next chapter and maybe a twist is don't know :D so i not really sure when i'm going to update but i try my best and for the grammar SORRY it wasn't my fault i didn't born in a country who's speak english you can kill me or do whatever with me i'm not going to change...soooo please vote and comment because i love to see if someone say it's good or something like that :) Thank for reading it ... love ye all!!!! byeeeeee.



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