Strangers (a Harry Styles fanfiction)

Payton wakes up from a really weird dream. It felt so real. He felt so real. But vampires don't exist, right?

What happens when an extremely hot and mysterious guy moves into her apartment?
Why doesn't he eat? Where does he go?
And why is she falling for him?


3. Really Harry, really


Chapter 3   Payton's P.O.V     Yesterday was alright. I learned a little more about this Harry kid. His parents are divorced and he lived with his mom up until now. He's originally British but now lives in America with me, I could kind of tell because of his accent but its not too strong.    He also told me that he has something called Celiac disease, which causes a person or the victim to always feel or be cold. He said that he's used to it and that he's fine now but he will feel cold to other people.    He's very sweet and nice but I feel like there's something else I should or shouldn't know about him.. Maybe it's just his nature?    "Morning." He smiled lazily as he trudged into the living room.   "Hey." I replied nicely.    My toast popped as he sat down on the couch and flicked on the tv.   I grabbed the Nutella and a knife and practically suffocated my toast with the chocolate heaven.    God that stuff is amazing, it's like my drug.    I heard the sound of the news reporter on the tv and turned around to look at Harry on the couch.    He seemed interested in whatever was on because his brow was furrowed and he was hunched forward slightly towards the tv.    I carried my toast into the living room and sat beside him with my legs crossed.   "It would seem that an animal has been hit this morning at around 5:00. It has been identified as a wolf but it is not native to our region. Witnesses have confirmed that it limped off into the woods right after the accident. And it is nowhere to be found."  The man on the news spoke.   Harry's eyes went wide and he sat back as he turned off the tv.    He took a deep breath and seemed to be concentrating very hard on something.   "The poor thing." I said while chewing a piece of toast.    It's probably in the woods now, in pain.   Aw.   He didn't answer, instead he just looked more and more worried.    "Harry?" I asked.    He turned towards me, his expression changed in a flash.   He lifted his gaze from the floor, to my eyes.    He peered into them with his green ones and tilted his head slightly.   "Hm?" He sing-songed.    "Is everything okay?" I asked curiously.   He looked back down at the floor again and pursed his lips.    "I..." He started.   I nodded my head, encouraging him.   Instead he stood up quickly and grabbed his coat from the floor.    He ran to the door and opened the closet.   I jumped up and ran over to him, loudly smacking my plate onto the coffee table.   "What are you doing?" I asked.   He ignored my question and pulled on his shoes.   Crazy kid what is he doing?   He pushed me to the side and roughly pulled open the door as he jogged out.   I quickly slipped on my flats and ran after him.   He was already three quarters down the hall before I closed the apartment door.    I ran after him but he was really fast.   Thankfully we were on the first floor so I didn't have to go up or down any stairs, those would have killed me.    He pulled open the exit door and ran outside.    I chased him down the street and across the road until he stopped at the edge of the forest.    I realized that this was the forest from my dream. There's no way in hell that I am going in there.   He stood at the very edge of the sidewalk and seemed to be deciding something.    His mop of dark curls was messy and tousled and his grey track pants blew in the wind.    I caught up to him and held onto his arm, gasping for air.   Wow I should really run more often.   "What. Are. You. Doing. Here." I asked between breaths.    He seemed absolutely unaffected by my words because he just looked into the forest.   It was surprisingly light in there and the green leaves and pines almost sparkled under the warm light of the sun.    He reached up to me and gripped my hand that was holding his shoulder.    He casually took it off and I stumbled a little before regaining my balance on my own.    I watched him walk into the woods and look around the trees worriedly.    Is he seriously looking for this wolf?    Damn boy you sure do like your dogs.   I followed him cautiously and constantly looked over my shoulder as we walked further and further into the woods.    I never really realized how beautiful it is in here. The leaves on the trees glimmered and shone in the daylight. The small river sparkled and ran quietly.    The sounds of nature filled the warm, clean air around us both as we strolled in the woods.    I looked forward and Harry still seemed a little frantic as he walked. He still looked around as if searching for something.    His brown hair was really quite gorgeous in the sun, it gleamed. It was more of an auburn now, or almond. A lighter brown than before.    His light skin seemed even paler and he looked cold. I guess he wasn't lying about his Celiac disease.    I sped up my pace a little so I was walking right beside him.    He looked down at me and I saw his tense posture relax a little as he gave a warm smile.   This is so weird, one moment you're running like a maniac, and now you're being cute?    Crazy crazy crazy.   His walk slowed down a little but his expression grew more worried.    He still looked around occasionally for whatever he was looking for.    We walked for what seemed like almost half an hour around and across the woods.    I wonder what time it is...    I reached into the pocket of my track pants and cursed under my breath when I realized I forgot my phone at home.   Ali hasn't even texted me back yet.   She's probably having fun somewhere ill never go.    I looked up once again at Harry and admired his features.    They were so perfect, almost like he was a statue and all of his features had been engraved into his skin, carved, sculpted to pure perfection.   His wide green eyes glimmered as he looked around.     I looked down at my feet and counted my steps.    I do that a lot when I get bored.    I had gotten to 58 when Harry stopped in his tracks.    I heard him mumble something short before rapidly running off to my left.    I quickly followed him and ran behind him.    He ran with long, easy strides and I ran with messy ones, practically tripping every time.    I almost laughed out loud when I compared what we both looked like when running.    He looked like a lion, graceful and strong, while I looked like a freaking chicken with a severed head, floppy and retarded.   I watched him stop at a rock and kneel down beside something.    As I got closer, I soon realized that he was holding, in his arms, a wolf.    Big and black with tan and grey highlights along its back and in its fur.    I stood beside Harry with wide eyes.   A wolf. A wild wolf.    An animal capable of killing a human being. He was holding it.    I took a step back as Harry put the animal on the ground.    It whimpered slightly and flopped onto the ground with a faint thud.    I looked at its leg, that was bruised and bleeding. Some of the fur was gone and it was bent irregularly.    This was probably the wolf that they were talking about on the news.
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