Strangers (a Harry Styles fanfiction)

Payton wakes up from a really weird dream. It felt so real. He felt so real. But vampires don't exist, right?

What happens when an extremely hot and mysterious guy moves into her apartment?
Why doesn't he eat? Where does he go?
And why is she falling for him?


1. Just a dream...


Hope you enjoy.. comment please! :) x __________________________________

  Chapter 1-    Payton's P.O.V     I hummed along to the beat of the music as I jogged along the sidewalk.    My sneakers hit the pavement with soft, easy thumps as I ran beside the long, winding road of my neighborhood.   The ends of my ponytail tickled my neck as it swayed to the rhythm of my strides.    Dusk was clearly approaching, the sky was a light violet and the crescent shape of the moon was already in view. A few stars twinkled along the skyline and the outline of the forest to my left was slowly becoming darker.    The sun buried itself in the horizon, leaving only a fraction of it, enough to light up the sky.    The roads were quiet, almost deserted at this time of day, that's why I chose to run at this time. It left me alone, to let the thoughts of my already hectic life leave my head.    My father left my mom when I was at a very young age. Apparently it was too much for him and he just wasn't prepared to be a dad. Supposedly it was harder than he thought and he just couldn't handle it. That's what he convinced my mom. At my age, I just thought he was leaving, only to come back soon. But after a few years I realized he was never coming back.   My mom on the other hand, was an alcoholic. She came home drunk every night and rambled on with irrelevant subjects, then to pass out on the couch before she could get in bed.    She had brought home numerous men and never payed any attention to me or my life. She was just like my dad. But she needed me to take care of her. I had learned four years ago, at the age of 12 to take care of myself. To cope with my own problems.   Thankfully, my dad was decent enough to leave us some cash and the shared bank account he and my mother had. I left my mom some money so she could buy whatever she pleases and I used the rest for life purposes such as food, water, clothing and the rent for our apartment.    I snapped out of my thoughts as a black cat ran across the sidewalk and then across the road, nearly tripping me in the process. It quickly scurried of, as if somewhat scared of something. It then disappeared into the bushes to my right.    I turned my head towards the forest and slowed my pace, checking for anything suspicious in the woods. Perhaps a bear or a wolf? Or maybe even just the sound of a squirrel scurrying across the leaves had frightened it.    I started to walk, evening out my heart rate.   I had ran a good three kilometers this evening, I guess that's decent enough.    I turned my music down, taking the time to appreciate the sheer silence of the night.    I pulled out one of my earphones and let it hang loose at my side, bouncing on my hip with every few steps.    Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.    I took deep breaths as I walked along the side of the forest.    I admired it for its beauty. It's capability of being so open and big, yet secluded and secretive. Not many people have gone in there, including me.    Nothing has ever happened in the forest, not that we know of. But for some strange reason, everyone stayed away from it.   I didn't fear the forest, but I figured it would be best to stay out of it.   I came close to a long bridge. Of course, not a bridge bridge, just a line of pavement over a small river of running water that lead into the forest.    The path stretched over the water and then latched onto the sidewalk again.    On the right side, the river ran underneath the road and to the other side. On the left however, was a steep hill where the water ran down a sort of waterfall that lead into the forest and I don't know what comes after.   I started to cool down and my heartbeat was back to normal. I guess I could probably run the rest of the way. My house was only a few houses down after the 'bridge'.    I jogged over the beginning of the bridge and continued my path.    I continued jogging, admiring the beauty of the starlight sky.    I neared the end of the bridge when suddenly-    I felt my feet lift from the ground as I slipped on mud that was scattered along the sidewalk and I plummeted down the left side into the water.    The coolness of the water hit me as soon as it made contact with my skin.   I tried to get up as I stumbled down the hill but the current was surprisingly  strong, and as I pressed my foot to a rock, I found myself slipping and shrieked as I fell backwards, into darkness. I painfully slipped and bumped my way down the waterfall.   I hit my arm on a rather pointy rock and I immediately felt the sting of the cut, and warm blood start to drip down my upper arm.    Water splashed over my clothes and my face, leaving me even more blind thanks to darkness as well.    I summersaulted down the hill for quite a long time, hitting numerous parts of my body against rocks, sticks and roots that had found themselves in the ground.  I rolled down into the water and I felt the ground leveling out.    The fall stopped suddenly and I was overwhelmed by the cold, wet water that was drenching me from my waist-down.    I trudged my way against the current in total darkness, prying my hands against rocks to find balance. I attempted to make my way towards an edge, where the river could end.    I felt blind, and senseless. I felt like someone had stolen my vision and my sense of touch. My body was numb from the freezing water and of course, it was pitch black in the forest so I couldn't manage to see a thing.    I felt my way across the river and finally managed to find the side and pull myself up onto dry, or rather moist land.    I pulled out my iPhone from the strap on my arm and turned it on. Surprisingly, those LifeProof cases really do work.    I turned on the flashlight and shined it on my arm.    There was a long, deep cut along my tricep. It was dark red and gushing blood.    Immediately, I took the strap off of my left arm and strapped it on tightly over top of the wound on my right in attempt to cut off the bleeding.    I weakly stood up and shined the flashlight around myself. Nothing but trees and branches and other forest related stuff. I looked up the giant waterfall, where at the top, the side of the sidewalk was visible thanks to the sunlight up there.    My mom won't come looking for me, that's for sure. She barely even acknowledges my existence. And of course, it's summer vacation. So no school, and none of my friends live close.    I mentally face-palmed myself for not thinking. Hello? Phone?    I whipped my phone around and tried calling my friend Ali.    Shit. No service. Really?   Nice going Payton. You've managed to fall down a waterfall at night and get yourself stuck in a dark forest with absolutely no means of contacting anyone. You go girl.    I sighed, tears pooling in my eyes.  What if I can't get out? What if I starve to death down here? What if I get attacked by, by, by something?    Tears silently trickled down my cheeks as I sat down against a log, curling my legs up to my chest and nuzzling my head between my knees.    I quietly sobbed for a few minutes, each and every minute of silence growing more and more antagonizing and fearsome.    I tried to block out all the sounds I was making up in my head. I tried to erase all the stupid scenarios I made up about things attacking me or ways of me dying down here.   I was always one to jump to negative conclusions and assumptions.    The sound of leaves rustling quickly snapped me out of my trail of thoughts.    Surely this sound was real, it sounded like it came from right behind me.    I shot my head up and my whole body went cold. I tensed up and barely moved as I pulled out my phone.    In a way, I didn't want to shine the flashlight in that direction. I was too afraid of what might be right behind me.  Instead, I sat there, my hand still tightly clutching my phone.    My eyes were closed shut and and my other hand was nearly tearing the bark off the log I sat on.    My clothes were drenched and cold and my toes bathed in the water that was pooled in the soles of my shoes.   There was the crack of a twig and more rustling behind me, this time it was louder. My wound throbbed thanks to the pounding of my heart against my chest. I felt like it was about to burst.    Tears quietly poured themselves out of my eyes and down my face as I silently cried. I was shaking like never before. The movement of whatever was behind me was far too loud for an animal, because I would imagine they're lighter than that.   Unless its a bear.    Okay Payton stop scaring yourself.    I heard the rustling but this time it seemed to be coming from right beside me. With that my whole body froze and my breath hitched in my throat.    Suddenly I felt a cold hand press against my arm. I jumped and immediately got up and ran away, into the pitch black woods, screaming and crying.   I ran as fast as my feet would let me hoping that whoever it was over there would leave me alone.    I ran faster and faster until I ran into something hard.   The force of the impact threw me on the ground and I hit my head against the soil.   It took me a minute to re-gain consciousness so I lay there, dizzy and panting on the ground like a mental patient.    I must have probably run into a tree or something..    My mind immediately changed when I heard the familiar rustling of the leaves and two cold hands press against the brim of my shoulders, lifting me off the ground and onto my feet with much force.   I thrashed and screamed, trying to get out of this persons grasp but it was no use.    Their strength overpowered mine and they put it to good use.    The stranger just held me there, and waited for me to calm down.    Eventually, I ran out of energy and just stood there, their arms still firmly holding me in place in front of them.    I couldn't see them at all, not even a silhouette.   I stood there, shaking uncontrollably and crying loudly.    "Shhhh.." The stranger whispered.    I didn't quiet down, in fact, I started to cry even louder.    "Calm down."    It was a male. He spoke in a deep, husky voice that was strangely attractive.    His voice was somewhat calming and soothing, even though he was probably trying to kill me or rape me.    I obeyed and quieted down, knowing its probably a good idea to listen.    His grip on my shoulders relaxed and I had the sudden urge to run. But something was holding me back and it wasn't his arms.    He finally let go and his hands slid down my arms, coming down to my hands and holding them in his cold ones.    He lifted one to his mouth and started kissing it.    He slowly went up my arm, leaving cold kisses that sent shivers down my spine.    I sobbed not-so-quietly, knowing I was probably going to get raped.    He simply ignored my cries and continued.    He arrived near my cut and stopped there.    "What's this?" He asked quietly, gently running his fingers across the wound.   I sniffed,   "I fell." I mumbled.    "Let me see that.." His voice quietly trailed off as he placed his mouth on the cut.    I felt his warm breath against my skin before his tongue traced the line of the gash.    I jumped at the sudden act and tried to pull away but he simply held my arm against his mouth and continued to lick the blood off my arm.    He's mental.   I winced as he started to suck on my arm and I attempted to pull away once again.    This time, he lifted his head,   "Don't pull away." He warned.    "We wouldn't want that pretty little body to go to waste now would we?" He teased quietly.    Fear coursed through my whole body. If I pulled away, he was going to kill me.    Oh good Lord.   I forced myself to stay still as he lowered his head back down to my forearm and continued to suck on my cut.    I don't know what is up with this guy but if I do get out alive, I'm calling the police, and the mental institute.   He finished what he was doing and then made his way behind me. He snaked his arms around my waist and then up my body, bringing his hands back up to my shoulders.    He tilted my head towards the side and lightly kissed my neck.    I felt him run his cool fingertips over the surface of my skin before blowing cool air over it, sending chills down my back and all across my body.    He ran the tip of his tongue up and down the line of my neck and pressed his cold lips against it once more.    "Listen to me,"    I made a small sound of acknowledgement.    "You're not going to scream. You're not going to yell. You're going to stay quiet." He instructed.   "Okay." I choked.    Oh my God what's happening.    What's he going to do?    A tear rolled down my cheek and I braced myself for pain.    I felt his hair tickle my jaw as he placed his lips against my neck.   Slowly, he pushed his teeth into the skin in my neck.    I held in a scream and instead my eyes filled with tears.    I felt a small rip in my neck and realized he'd bitten through my skin.    Tears flowed out of my eyes like waterfalls as he started to drink the blood from my neck.    I could hear moans coming from his chest as he drank.    Wait. Is he seriously a vampire?    Oh God.    This is not turning into the Twilight Series and in no way am I dying.    The pain decreased and slowly, my body started to lose feeling. My heartbeat slowed down as he drank more and more of my blood.    I weakly brought my hand up and tapped on his head, indicating that I felt that he was KILLING ME.    He didn't answer so I reluctantly grabbed a fistful of his soft hair and tugged on it.    Harder and harder until finally he lifted his head up.    I dropped to the ground, everything was becoming harder to do.    I saw his silhouette bend down in front of me and his hands come towards my body.    I tried my best to scoot away from him, but I had barely moved a foot before everything went black.  __________________________________   A/N :  Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. Don't forget to tell me what you think :) x 
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