Some things that annoy me.

This could be a rant, an observation, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, it is some little things that annoy me, and happen every day.
I may just be unlucky!
But you can probably empathize.
By your Opinion Minion
Otherwise known as...Chloee


2. People who smell really bad!

Now, I know this one can be a bit mean at times, but it does get on my nerves.

There is this one girl I know who goes to my school, and smells really bad - taking the meaning of 'smell' to a whole new level. Deodorant is not that expensive, and it does help those people who choose to take pride in their scent, on a day to day basis.

Why can't everyone just wear it?

Or wash, more than once a month?

For example, in my local supermarket there is this one man who I see quite often. He wears a hat. And a cape. And he has long, greasy, matted hair. Now, completely by accident one day, I follow him down the ice cream isle (who can resist?) and am overwhelmed by a distinctive smell of BO. (Body Odor - eg. sweat, if anyone is wondering!) He is at least 5 meters in front of me, and I still can't breathe! 

He may not be able to afford it. Or he may just be ignorant! But either way, I just wish he would do something about it. And everyone else this chapter concerns.

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