Some things that annoy me.

This could be a rant, an observation, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, it is some little things that annoy me, and happen every day.
I may just be unlucky!
But you can probably empathize.
By your Opinion Minion
Otherwise known as...Chloee


9. Mono-brows

Mono-brows are just the most disgusting features of a person's face. It looks like a small furry animal has died above their eyes, and enjoys spending time creeping people out and moving of its own accord. 

People with mono-brows confuse me - surely they must notice that there is one long caterpillar in the place where their separate eyebrows should be? Why don't they do something about it? It's not as if tweezers and hair removal cream haven't been invented! We're in 2013 for Gods sake!

There is this one teacher at my school who has a mono-brow...and she is a woman. I know!! A woman! But I suppose, she is French so she might not understand my classmate's frantic gestures to each other about it. I swear it is alive. When she speaks it wriggles and then she looks surprised when we burst into crazed laughter! Oh, if only every day was French :)

But seriously guys - if you know someone with a mono-brow, tell them to sort it out. Please.

Love yah!;)

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