Some things that annoy me.

This could be a rant, an observation, or whatever you want to call it. Either way, it is some little things that annoy me, and happen every day.
I may just be unlucky!
But you can probably empathize.
By your Opinion Minion
Otherwise known as...Chloee


8. A super slow walker in front of you.

I despise people who are so inconsiderate that they walk at the pace of 0.00001 miles per hour, and then walk from side to side so that there is NO way around them. It is as if they have a hidden mirror in their pocket that shows them when you are trying to get past, just to annoy us!

I don't appreciate when I am already late for school as it is, and then I get caught behind a slow person. I have to say, I believe they are their own race. A race who enjoy annoying the most innocent of people. A race who take time out of their day just to stop one person from getting to work/school on time. A selfish race who do not care about timekeeping!

It is absolutely fine to walk slow - just make a walkway so that other people can get around too! And walk in a straight line please.

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