Someday when My Corpse is burned..

The hatred instinkts like an animal, I have.. But yet so, the love from a kitten, of Jam..


1. Hatred from a wolf, with Yellow eyes of sadness..


You made a mistake, letting me live in this world, and you should have let me fall behind, and give me up when you realized you couldn't control me.
I can not feel your pain, and I don't give a damn, which you should have known, from the day I was born.
I am, and will always be numbnuts and a strange ununderstandable character, who will never fit in, in you little -normal- universe og normalness.

I don't understand you pain, and you don't see mine. But someday, when you do, it will be to late, and I will not be to blame.
I wake up to find myself after all these years, and then when I am finally gone, you'll freak out for not having me to lay your hatred on.
You can't show me love, and sometimes everyday, I am not convinced that you even know how to do. 

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