Alone (poetry contest)

will you ever save me?


1. Alone

I walk around on this foggy earth alone, as the fog wraps around me like a blanket

Tighter and tighter it wraps around me as i try to break free

It grows and grows the more i become alone, causing the blanket to wrap tighter and tighter until im no longer there

How can someone be so happy and forgiving,when they can't even help the one that loves them the most?

Does he forgive me for the wrong ive done?

Will i ever be set free from the suffocating world of darkness?

Here i stand in this blanket filled with hatred and regret as i start to fade away....


I walk up to a tree, to find you sitting there

Why have you come ?

To tell me that I'm not the one?

I look into your eyes and see a flowing river of regret and fear

I sit with you by the tree, as the fog starts to clear up

We are no longer...


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