One Direction - One Shots

just a collection of One Direction One Shots. Just ask me if you want one written for you! :)


1. Valentine's Day - Hannah and Louis

I wrote this for my friend Hannah. Her cat is called Sasha and he’s male… don’t ask why. In this one shot, Eleanor doesn’t exist (don’t take that the wrong way, Elounor is the cutest thing ever) Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day

I jumped out of my sleep, out of breath and covered in sticky sweat - another blurred nightmare.

As I slowly regained my senses, I felt a large weight being pressed against my lower body. Startled, I flung my left hand out from underneath the thick duvet and flicked on my bedside lamp. The bulb flickered repeatedly, until a weak wave of light slowly encased the room, so that I could find out what was – or whom – was irritating my legs.

I sat up gingerly, and peered down to the end of my bed. I breathed a sigh of relief, when my eyes were met by my chubby cat Sasha, who was currently laid, stretched out sleep across my legs, purring softly. I laughed at myself as the memories of the previous night came flooding back.

My eye sight moved to my left side, where piles of countless revision guides and exercise books lay. As I continued to examine my bed, I spotted numbers of biros and pencils laid about, which lead a trail, back to my pencil case, which was now sitting on the carpet.

Yawning, I reached for my phone to find the time:


I groaned. I’d been waking up early for weeks now, even though I’d be given time off to study for my A levels. I guessed that it was stress.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, I tried to pull the duvet off, forgetting that Sasha still lay softly snoring. I tried to drag the cover out from underneath him, but I was unsuccessful. Reluctantly, I reached over and carefully slipped my hands underneath where he lay and picked him up. He stirred, realising what was happening and hissed.

‘Sorry, sorry Sash’ I mumbled quickly, giving him a quick pet after placing him on the carpet. Sasha was compliant, and accepted the affection, before shooting under my bed (another place he frequently used for sleeping). 

I swung my legs around so they hung over the edge of my bed. I stretched my arms out, yawning again, before letting my bare feet touch the cream carpet. I stumbled over to my bedroom door, slowly pushing it open, wincing at the squeaking sound the hinges made. I stroked my hand across the wall on the landing, searching for the light switch. I finally found it and I groaned a little as the bright light hit my eyes. Half blind, I walked over to the bathroom.

I jumped into the shower, quickly washing my hair and body. I loved the feeling of the hot water on my back.

I hopped out, flicking the water off, before wrapping my body and hair in a fresh towel and sprinting back to my bedroom. After roughly drying my hair with the towel, I turned on my speakers, the volume low, making sure not to wake my parents. I hummed along to Ed Sheeran as I fumbled through my drawers and wardrobe.

I discovered a pair of hardly worn stone washed jeans and a long sleeved purple jumper. Satisfied with the collection, I pulled on the clothes and blow dried my hair before quickly straightening my fringe.

Deciding that a walk was needed, I grabbed my iPod from my speakers before putting my headphones and slipping on my beige coat and white converse.

I’d walked for about 15 minutes in the crisp late winter morning before my phone vibrated in my left pocket. I stopped by a tree, pulling it out to see the text, when I noticed the date:

‘Thursday 14th February 2013’

Valentine’s Day. Huh.

I shrugged it off before answering a worried text from my mum.

I continued with my walk, walking in time with the beat. I crossed over the road and continued walking when my phone vibrated again.

From Lizzie:

‘Hey! Fancy meeting up later? You know for ‘revision’ ;)’

I laughed and started to punch in a reply:

To Lizzie:

‘Sounds fabulous ;) What ti-‘

I suddenly hit something hard and I looked up, apologising.

I was met by a pair of blue eyes and a cheeky smile.

‘Don’t be, it was me, should’ve been looking’

I smiled in response. Wow, he was gorgeous.

He pushed his hand out and I shook it: ‘I’m Louis, and you are?’


There was an awkward silence, which he broke.

‘What are you doing out at this time then? And in this weather!’ He shivered.

‘I was about to ask you the same thing’ I smirked.

He chuckled: ‘Dunno, just needed some air,’

‘Me too.’

‘Mind if I join you?’

‘Not at all’ I smiled.

We walked together for at least an hour, talking about anything and everything. It was weird how we literally just met and we were talking like we were old friends. Louis was hilarious and told me a bunch of great stories and jokes that I had a really hard time not laughing at.

I heard a ‘bing’.

‘Sorry, hang on a second’ He apologised, removing his phone from his back pocket.

I watched him as he read over the text, his smile slowly turning into a frown.

‘You okay?’ I asked.

He looked up at me: ‘Yeah, it’s just that need to go now’

‘Oh… that’s a shame’

He moved closer to me and my heart race increased rapidly.

‘It is…’ He faded off.

‘Here,’ he said, placing the iPhone into my hands ‘Put your number in.’

I nodded and added myself as ‘Hannah J’ into his contacts, before handing it back.

‘I better be off then’ he stated and I moved my hand out for him to shake.

‘How about a hug instead?’

I laughed and went in, his muscular arms wrapped around my waist, breathing in his cologne.

‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ he whispered into my ear before strolling away.

I stood, frozen to the path for a second, catching my breath. My eyes bore into his back as he slowly slipped further and further away.

Not long after he gone out of sight my phone vibrated:

Incoming Call

I picked it up: ‘Hello?’

‘Hey, it’s Louis from earlier, I wondered if you wanted to go out later?’ He sounded a little nervous.

‘Sure, they’d be great’

‘Cool, I’ll pick you up at seven after rehearsals, text me your address when you can’

‘Okay, cool, bye Louis’

‘See ya Hannah’

I heard the line cut off and I suddenly acknowledged the butterflies that were flying around in my stomach.

Then I realised something:


No – it wasn’t. No way.

I quickly loaded up Google on my phone and punched ‘Louis Tomlinson’ into images. I looked at the first one that appeared and gasped.

I was going on a date with Louis Tomlinson.

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