Forever young.

This is about a little girl with a big dream.
Everyone told her that it's impossible to become a singer but she met some guys how helped her with her dream, but what she didn't know is that the one with the weird accent is in love with her..
Would she pick the curly british one or the cute irish one?

Read all about it here :)


2. Twitter wonder!

Sem's P.O.V:


So i waked up seeing i had a few messages from twitter, so i opened twitter.
"Omg, this is fake, right?!" my sister came into my room.
"What's fake?"
"Danielle and Eleanor just followed me.."
"Those girls from one direction?"
The girlfriend's from Liam and Louis!"
"Ok, well talk to them.."
"Yes wait, go away, i'm gonna talk to them!!"

*Tweet from Danielle*
"S/O to this beautiful girl, she's perfect for Niall but pleas follow her!"

Danielle just noticed me!
Best day of my life so far!!:DDD


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