Forever young.

This is about a little girl with a big dream.
Everyone told her that it's impossible to become a singer but she met some guys how helped her with her dream, but what she didn't know is that the one with the weird accent is in love with her..
Would she pick the curly british one or the cute irish one?

Read all about it here :)


1. Same dream..

Sem's P.O.V:


"Hi my name is Britney and welcome by NewStars, were here with a new big star! Can you introduce yourself darling?" 
"Hi i'm Sem, thanks for having me here!"
"Hi Sem, so your new in the UK right?
And can you tell us a bit about yourself?" she asked me, i was exited for this interview.
"Well yes this is my first time in the UK, i'm from the Netherlands and i love to play guitar and i also sing." i smiled a bit but i was kinda nervous.

"The Netherlands?
Well that's special!
How is the weather there, and is it a fun place?"
"Well, it's really cold there and most of the time it rains but in Amsterdam you have nice shops!"

"Have you meet any stars yet?"
"Yes i have!
Demi Lovato, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, Austin Mahone and One Direction!" i was so happy when i said "One Direction".
"I noticed that you have kinda "love moment" when you said One Direction, why?" she asked me and winked at me.
"Well, i'm confirming that Niall and i are officially dating!"
"Are you serious?
Congrats! And after this break more about Sem and Niall and the relation between Sem and the other members of 1D!"

It all felt so real, so good so........
When i heard my mother screaming from downstairs i realized it was just a beautiful dream, again..  


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