Meredith Green is an eighteen year old girl who is, to be honest, pretty lazy. She has no idea which direction her life is going to take, and, quite frankly, doesn't care. She gets the opportunity she needs to turn her life around, however, in the form of a completely unexpected call from a Specialist University, offering her a place among their ranks. With no other options, Meredith is forced to attend, along with her best friend Charlie Samuels, who also received a mysterious phone call. From the moment they enter the huge manor house, Meredith starts developing odd symptoms and strange suspicions about the teachers. Also, the two brothers who own the manor, Jeremiah and Noah, seem to act weird around the pupils in particular. She is determined to find out the truth, despite the mystery illness she seems to be coming down with. However, is the truth safe? Can Meredith handle the shocking facts about everyone around her that she loves and trusts?


4. Thoughts

Staring. I'm just staring at my reflection, studying and scrutinising every inch of myself, from the very tips of my toes to the thinnest, wiriest hair on the top of my head. Questions fill my head, bubbling and boiling and seething like a furious volcano, building and growing and joining ranks until they can explode from my brain, through my mouth and into the big, wide world. That, or they'll explode my brain. That's what it feels like they're doing now. I groan softly and sit down on my large double bed, taking comfort from the soft, featherdown covers. Taking my head gingerly in my hands, I ponder over all the seperate thoughts and questions and doubts and fears, resolutely deciding to go through every single one of them, no matter how trivial they might seem.

Why am I doing this? Well, that's pretty easy. If I don't attend University, I'll end up like some hobo, walking barefoot and pregnant on the streets of Los Angeles, with not a penny to my name. But can you sacrifice all you've ever known and will come to know, just for an education? Education is the greatest gift, as they say. Although I don't necessarily agree with that. Is this what your mother would have wanted? Oh no. I don't want to talk about Mum.... I don't want to talk about... about the day she died... or her funeral.... or those long, empty, pain-filled days, just waiting and wondering and wiping the tears from my face. But if you can't even think about your mum's death, how can you face a potentially haunted University? Crap. The University isn't haunted, that's just fairytale crap. What about the two brothers? Will you or Charlie fall for them? You'll just make a fool of yourself, you know. Again. A, you're a pretty bitchy thought, aren't you? B, no I will not fall in love with some guy - I'm totally over love. C, I wouldn't make a fool of myself because I'm totally awesome when I'm in love. D, what do you mean, again? When did I ever have a crush on a guy who might have been called Frank, who also could possibly have had shiny brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes? Who are you, honestly? Why this question? Didn't I already have this almost every day when I was going through puberty problems? That's not answering the question. And you're not asking one. Touche.


"Er.... Meredith, honey. Are you okay?" I turned my head to see the door of my bedroom open a crack, Jenny leaning against the whitewashed frame. Oh God. She heard me. Now she's gonna send me to the shrink. I thought dubiously, a look of resentment crossing my face. Jenny walking in slowly, padding across the light, creamy coloured carpet and sitting at the end of my bed. She bit her lip, touching my arm awkwardly. "Merry. We... we all go through a bit of.... doubt before we do something important. But it's vital you don't get cold feet now. I mean, you only have two weeks left until you go to Stockridge with Charlie, and we still have a lot of things to sort out. But, honey, if you ever need any... help.... just talk to me, okay?" she asked in soothing yet tentative tones. I rolled my eyes and flipped over, so I was face down on the bed.

"Could you just leave, please?" I mumbled to Jenny, doing my best to look poor and helpless. She shook her head, grinning, and ran out, looking just as pleased to have finished that.... interesting.... talk as I did.

"Could you pack your trunk, Merry?" she called out to me from the landing, before hurrying dowstairs. I sighed moodliy and hauled myself off the bed. Soon I had bundled every last piece of clothing I owned onto my bed. It looked like Mount Everest having an earthquake made of socks.

"Right then. Where do I start?"  

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