Twisted Fate

Stacy has a dream where a man named Dean leads her to where he is buried. When she asks her current boyfriend, Sam, if he knows anyone named Dean, she is surprised to find out he does and he recently buried him outside of the town they were in. She races to find Dean before whatever terrible thing she feels is going to happen does. Can she do it, or will it be too late?


1. Where is Dean?

     "Dean?" I called.  I followed the sound of the footsteps echoing down the dark alleyways.  "Dean?" I called again.  This had to be a dream.  I didn't know anybody named Dean.  I turned a corner and cam face to face with a man who appeared to be about 6'1" with short blonde hair.  He was very muscular, even through his leather jacket, and stared down at my 5' frame with piercing green eyes.  "Dean?" I asked.  Instead of answering, the man grabbed my hand and led me through the abandoned town.  We walked right out of town, past an dark, empty gas station, and to an empty field.  "Where are we?" I asked.  The man finally spoke, saying, "You have to save me.  I'm alive down there."  He finished by pointing down at a rectangle in the Earth that seemed freshly dug.  "B-but... why?  Who are you?" I asked.  "I'm Dean.  The one you've been looking for." he said, turning and walking away.  "Wait!"  Where are you going?!" I called after him.  When I turned and he was gone, I sighed and resorted to walking back into town.  When I reached the town, a light flashed and I sat up in the motel bed.  "Sam?" I whispered, hoping I hadn't woken him with my sudden awakening.  When he didn't respond, I sighed, laying back down on the bed, facing away from Sam. At my movement, he stirred and turned over, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me close.  I soon fell back into a restless sleep, thoughts of Dean coming and going.


     The next morning, I sat down across from Sam at the small, round table, coffee in hand, and asked, "Hey, Sam.  Do you know anyone named Dean?"  He looked at me with a puzzled look before answering, "Yeah...why?"  "Did you... bury him...outside of this town...sort of recently?" I asked.  His eyes widened in surprise.  "Yes..." he whispered.  At that, I grabbed my coat , put on my shoes, and ran out the motel door.  I ran all the way through town, searching for the place I had first found Dean.  I ran down a few different alley ways before I found the one I recognized.  I ran the way Dean had led me the night before in  my dream, finally ending up in the field.  What I saw here was not how it had been in my dream.  The trees were all knocked over, like a bomb had gone off in the center, where... an empty grave sat.  "Dean?!" I yelled, running back to the gas station, where all of the glass had been broken, unlike before.  "Dean!" I yelled, running towards the gas station door.  i burst through the door to find Dean on the floor covering his ears, a bit of blood coming out of them.  "Dean!" I yelled, collapsing on the floor next to him.  "Are you okay?" I asked, slowly removing the glass from his hair while he wiped the blood off of his face.  "Yeah, I'm fine.  Who are you?" he asked.  "I'm... a friend.  I'm just glad you're okay.  C'mon, let's go." I replied, helping him up.  "First, get me to a phone." he said, leaning on me a bit.  We walked to the small phone booth outside of the gas station.  I waited outside while he made his phone call.  Once he stepped out, he said, "Can you drive me somewhere?"  "Um... sure I guess.  Let me just let my... friend know." I said.  I dialed Sam's number, hoping that this time he would actually answer.  I got his voice mail  as usual, and left a message saying, "Hey, babe.  It's me.  I'm driving a friend someplace.  Don't worry about me.  I know that if I need you, I'll always get your voice mail."  I turned back to Dean and sighed.  "Everything okay with your, uh, friend?" he asked.  "Yeah.  This is pretty normal for him.  He'll spend all day with that skank doing God knows what and then when he gets back to me, he's too tired to do a damn thing!" I said, ending up yelling at the end.  "Sorry." I said, felling embarrassed about telling this to someone I just met.  "Don't worry about it." he said.  We finally found a car, but it was locked and had no keys.  I sighed and started to continue walking, looking for another car or something.  I turned back around quickly when I heard the glass smash.  Dean was already sitting in the car, hot wiring it.  After he got it started, I made him get in the passenger seat while I drove.


      He gave me directions, and eventually, we made it to an old car lot.  We got out and I followed him into the house on the lot.  After a few tries to kill him, the old man I guess Dean had come to see pulled him in for a tight embrace.  I was walking around looking at the books while Dean and the other man, whom I now knew was Bobby Singer, talked.  Eventually, I was told we were driving back to the same town Dean and I had come from.  I wasn't told why, though, which bothered me more than anything.  It was like they still didn't trust me even after I brought Dean back to civilization, basically.  We drove for a long while, and I guess I fell asleep in the car, because I woke up when we stopped in front of a motel.  We walked up the stairs, me behind the two men.  I didn't realize until we opened the door we were in the motel i had come from earlier today.  Dean had knocked and the door swung open.  I couldn't see over their shoulders, but I heard a woman saying something about pizza.  Then I saw Sam walk out of the bathroom and look over at us.  I didn't realize that I was frozen and had missed the reunion until Dean was shaking my shoulder, asking if I was okay.  "What is she doing here?" I whispered, looking at Sam.  "I-it's not what it looks like." he said.  Bobby and Dean glanced between us, confused looks on their faces.  "Look, I-I'd better go." the woman said, walking out the door.  I couldn't stand to look at Sam any longer, so I ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

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