Better Than Revenge

"She should keep in mind, she should keep in mind, there is nothing I do BETTER THAN REVENGE!"


2. She took him faster than you could say sabotage

I watched them from the bench. They were having one of the biggest make out sessions I've ever seen, I was about to throw up. Why don't I stop watching, you ask? Well, because I hate her-no them I hate them both. Yes I know that doesn't make sense but whatever. That's just how I am. I take one last glance at them, turn around, and walk home. When I get home I see my mom on the love seat with a picture frame in her hands and tears in her eyes. Uh oh, she's in the past mood, dang it! I try to close the door and walk as quiet as I could to the stairs. "Taylor, honey, come here please." My mom called out. Shoot. I walled into the living room. "Ok mom, first of all, it's Tay and second I have a lot of home work I gotta go..." I started to walk out when she said. "Why? Why did you change?? What happened??? WHAT HAPPENED TO M-MY LITTLE GIRL W-WITH BLONDE HAIR A-AND A BUBBLY PERSONALITY AND W-WAS ALWAYS HAPPY, L-LOVING, AND CARING AND DIDN'T BREAK THE RULES AND-AND....??!!!??!!???!!?!?!!

!???!?????!!" She screamed while tears poured out of her eyes. Oh she just hit a nerve! "STUFF HAPPENED AND I CHANGED MOM!! OK!??!? I CHANGED AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! THE OLD ME HAS DIED AND THE NEW ME, WELL, I LIKE THE NEW ME BETTER!!! SO DEAL WITH IT!!!" I screamed back. I then stomped up the stairs, went in my room and slammed the door hard for dramatic effect. Ya, I'm taking drama class. I'm boss like that...ok now I'm basically talking to myself....Taylor STOP. "UGH!" I groaned. I walked up to my iPod stereo and played some of my songs. Then I climbed on my bed and just lied there. I soon drifted off to sleep and dreamt about that day...
We were on a sunset picnic and it was wonderful, everything I would dream of! We were there for about 30 minutes when I had to use the restroom, so I went to the gas station across the street. When I got back I saw HER. She was there with him. She had the nerve to kiss him and I just stood there and watched them speechless and numb. Finally, reality set in and I realized: SHE WAS KISSING MY BOYFRIEND. MY BOYFRIEND WAS KISSING HER, CHEATING ON ME WITH MY WORST ENEMY AND HIS X-GIRLFRIEND. I walked up to them with anger written on my face. "WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!!" I screamed in their faces. She smirked and he simply said "I don't like you. I want to get back together with her." He shrugged as if it was no big deal. They kissed one more time, got up, smirked at me, and walked away. I watched them until they were out of sight. I finally let a tear slip..."sabotage..."

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