If you read this book you are committed to something beyond your wildest dream! You cannot go back once you have read this!

I will not tell you my name now it would give too much away. But remember to heed my warning! You mortals will blame everything on me if I did not warn you!

Will magic save the day? Or will an impromptu relationship foil our plans? We are under attack! Or are we? Are Zandu the only people plotting?


2. Seemingly Normal Normality...


It all started that seemingly normal Monday morning. I woke up like normal, (At the time all that follows made me think I was still dreaming; however now I know I was not.)  I did everything normally (so normally some would say I was boring!) Then BAM! Everything changed; a man banging at my door telling me my presence was requested at the castle was the first thing that was out of the ordinary. It happened to be the first and definitely not the last time that morning I had been worried. I mean having my presence requested at the castle had been a big thing, I mean major!


When I got to the door there was no one there, they were gone! All that was left of the man who had banging on my door was a letter…

Dear villagers’ of Slinsil,

                                    Everyone hurry to the Crystal Palace NOW! Those who do not come will be hanged because this is a matter of state and Slinsil may depend on you! HURRY!


King Nimpho        




This was bad! The whole village had not been summoned to the Crystal Palace since the barren, warlike village Zandu was discovered on the over side of the magical Forest (it was discovered 100000000777788447320 years ago!)  I had hastily pulled on my boots and run to the Crystal Palace.

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